Skyscraper: Mao Edition

Directed By: Chairman Mao

Supporting Cast: Team Fortnite (Pepper and Ant Man ), AlrightAlright , Ina , Coach K , Helmet

Musical Support: DJ Icebox

Special Guest: Starfish

9 pax joined forces to survive the Skyscraper: Mao Edition

Side Straddle Hops
Don Quixotes

Hold on Dear Life
The Rock spends most of the movie holding stuff up or hanging on for dear life; so, this was meant to mimic that.
1 minute Monkey Bar Hold
1 minute Forward Plank
1 minute Wilt Chamberlin

Fight the Bad Guys
1 Minute Prisoner Squats
1 Minute Pull the Rope
1 Minute Iron Hulk
1 Minute Mystery
1 Minute Rest

YHC gathered the Pax’s least favorite and favorite exercises to determine the mystery exercise. By the magic of Google Random Number generator, the Pax were award 1 minute of Monkey Humpers which was met with some complaints. After Round 2, AlrightAlright felt we spent too much time fighting bad guys and in jail, which is obviously impossible. You can ever never spend too much time fighting.

Get to Blimp
The PAX needed to make it to rescue BLIMP to get home.
Bear Crawl Ramp
5 Burpees
Crawl Bear Ramp
10 Lunges each leg
Crab Walk Ramp
15 ISTs each leg
Bear Crawl Ramp
20 Merkins
Crawl Bear Ramp
25 Plank Jacks
Crab Walk Ramp
30 Squats
Run to the Top

Lose Ya Leg
The Pax made it to the top but their Blimp blew up when the reached it. The force of the impact blew off their fake leg; so, they were forced to travel back down on one leg
1 Single Leg RDL, Hop Across Same Leg, 1 Single RDL opposite Leg, then go down a level.
RDLs were increased with each level until the PAX successfully escaped the Skyscraper.

At this point, new arrival Helmet did not seem to be suffering as much as the other PAX. YHC felt the best way to fix this was a long Mary Performance.

40 пингвин crunches – Helmet was able to embrace the suffering. Eruzione is this correct Russian?
21 LBCs
15 Scissors

Heard at F3
“That’s not where you play disc golf ”
“We should form an F3 Speedball, and prove to those guys they are out of shape”.
“As long as I’m at more workouts than Pepper it’s been a good week”

YHC appreciates all PAX for joining him at the first F3 Dallas Movie morning and looks forward to future collaborations with DJ Icebox .

Below you will find the trailer, Special Sauce / Movie theme song, artist discussion of theme song, along with the soundtrack. Hope you enjoyed your #burlesonbeatdown and F150 can finally now not bug YHC about writing a #backblast

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