Doak Walkers

AO: Katy Trail
PAX: Oatmeal, Oo-De-Lally, Special Sauce, Icebox, Pepper, Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Jim Whitaker (Moonshine), Dontcha Know (F3 Greensboro), Ina, jon (Gambler)
QIC: jon (Gambler)

Don Quixote

Mosey to Track only to find it locked for renovations (we later found out that only the bleacher portion was locked, but it was too late)

Doak Walkers:
Run from stadium wall to Doak Walker statue, run back, 10 burpees, repeato with decreasing burpees until you do 1 burpee.
(distance was 1/10th of a mile to the statue and another 1/10th back)

Native American Run:
After 2 miles of running and 55 burpees, Gambler decided that we needed more cardio, so we did a 1 mile Native American Run around campus and back to La Madeleine.

6 Minutes of Mary:
2 sets of 1 minute planks
Heels to Heaven (some interesting counting and lots of chatter was heard during this portion as the PAX finally caught their breath)
LBCs (counting was somewhat improved)
Some more abs

Not much chatter during the Doak Walkers as the PAX were all gassed.
Great to have Jim Whitaker (one of the F3 Dallas planters) and Dontcha Know with us from out of town.
Chairman Mao tried to roll up the stairs to the statue at one point and found that an ineffective strategy.
Thoughts of le Tour de France and cyclists struggling up mountains were the only thing that kept YHC and Oo-De-Lally with the group during the Native American Run. We were both in “a spot of bother.”

Gambler prayed us out.

Scotch Night was a great success. Attendance was better than any workouts this week. #tclaps Icebox
Next Happy Hour is August 10th. Mark your calendars, especially you Thomas Rhett fans (Teasip, Coach K).
Starfish in town from Austin on Saturday. He also helped plant F3 Dallas, so let’s show him how we’ve grown.