Stitches, Ducks, and Communists

PAX: Rump Roast, Sally, Splash
QIC: Coach K

AO: Germany Park

SSH, IST, Cotton Pickers, Squats, Aaarrrggghhh Special (Side Lunges)

Lunge x 100m
Merkins, OHC, OHD Press x12 each for 2 rounds
Reverse Lunge x100m
Merkins, OHC, OHD Press x12 each for 2 rounds

Jacob’s Ladder starting with 10 WWII SUs and 1 Hand-Release Merkins. Duck walk across both tennis courts between exercises

YHC prayed us out noting that we should be, first and foremost, thankful for the Lord’s sacrifice made for us. Praying for everyone traveling this weekend. Praying that everyone has an enjoyable evening with family and friends, or enjoy time to themselves if the former aren’t an option. Happy Thanksgiving and a safe weekend to all y’all men.

Happy Thanksgiving to all y’all.

From the get-go, PAX were warned it would be a heavy leg-day due to some stitches YHC got yesterday in his hand. They quickly realized the reality after an immediate 100m lunge walk down the track. During the trek, we noticed a sizeable crew of people gathering in the field for a soccer match. splash and Sally mentioned playing, but YHC didn’t give in to their desires to play communist kickball.

General chatter about Thanksgiving plans for everybody during the second lunge walk. PAX started complaining about the leg day, to which YHC reminded them that they requested no running, so lunges were the only way to travel.

After the oddly structured Dirty McDeuce, we moseyed to the tennis courts while talking about the Tar Heels taking on the Longhorns tonight and the downfall of Duke last night. The tennis courts were better for the constant duck walking, as we all agreed we’d be judged and shamed for doing that around the communist plot ensuing on the field. Not too much mumblechatter outside of complaints about not being able to sit down for dinner tonight from leg soreness.

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