PAX: Ant Man, Coach K, Rump Roast
QIC: Sally

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH x 10
Seal jack x 20
ISTs x 16
Sweat angels x 17 (to Coach K’s chagrin)

Mosey to the field and halfway around to the bleachers.

PAX gave THANKS as below. Completed as a group goal, because all PAX ultimately have the same objectives.

T:    T-merkins x 250
H:    Hydraulics x 250
A:    Air claps (overhead claps) x 500
N:    Nolan Ryans x 500
K:    Kicks (standing) x 500
S:    Stairs – one PAX had to be running the bleachers at all times

This required different skills from the PAX this morning: it first required planning to decide how best to tackle the THANKS, communication to correctly count our THANKS, and awareness and empathy to realize which PAX one should switch with/which exercise you should take next.

After completion,  mosey’d back by completing surftanamo and merkin hop-overs (both indian-run style exercises):
Surftanamo – 3 PAX on the ground holding 6 inches while the rear PAX ran to the front and pushed down each PAX’s feet.
Merkin hop-overs – 3 PAX on the ground doing merkins in cadence while rear PAX bunny-hopped over their feet to the front of the line.

We only had 2 minutes left, but the PAX agreed on 6 minutes of Mary.

Flutter kicks x 20
Squeaky bed Rosalita x 20
American Hammers x 14
Ended with Howling Monkey circle

Circle up and prayer for the blessings we are given, to take everything as a blessing from the Lord, and for the Lord to lead us throughout the day and the weekend living as He would want us to live.

The THANKS were generally well-completed with little mumblechatter other than occasional “ow”/moan from RumpRoast, who to be fair was on his 6th post this week. Howling Monkey circle – all PAX howled except for Coach K who remained silent; he Q’d a heavy leg day yesterday but perhaps his legs of steel were holding up. PAX ended with a cerveza salute to Sally’s VQ. The cervezas were enjoyed while discussing meat sweats; it should be known RumpRoast still recommends eating hot dogs even if you know what’s in them.

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