Achieving Shoulder Goals Day 1

PAX: Stingray, F150, Aaarrrggghhh, Oatmeal, Draper, Coach K, Sally, Rump Roast, Ina, Splash, Spread, Candy Cane, Pepper, Sex Panther, Sweet Baby, Christmas (F3 Area 51), Larry Legend (F3 Durham)

QIC: Alright Alright

18 PAX gathered in a very humid gloom.  As many of you know YHC is trying to find new ways to accelerate my first F.  My biggest weakness right now is probably upper body strength, so that was the focus of this workout.


SSH x25

IST x15

Overhead Claps x41

Tha Thang

Bataan Death March: North on Hillcrest to Caruth, West on Caruth to Thackery, South on Thackery to Greenbrier, East on Greenbrier to the tennis courts at the park.  PAX at the back of the line would do 5 hand release merkins then run to the front of the line. The group was so big that we needed two lines, and probably could have used three.

Jacob’s Looping Ladder: run to pull up rings, pull-ups 1:7, run to back of tennis courts, burpees 7:1.  Very similar to the traditional 5x5x5, but a few more reps and a lot more running.

Plankorama: different styles of planking with Nolan Ryans thrown in, 10 reps on each side.

Wheelbarrow-rama: Partner 1 wheelbarrow across both tennis courts, Flapjack and Partner 2 wheelbarrow back.  If partners need to switch between tennis courts both partners have to do 5 merkins.

5 Buddy merkins (double high fives between each merkin)

Repeat Wheelbarrow

10 T-Merkins 

Repeat Wheelbarrow

Some more planking

Mosey back to Parking Lot

Flutter kick until EndEx

Circle of Trust

YHC prayed us out.


Some complaints and comments about running. Not unheard of at one of YHC’s workouts. Rump even called it “Caruth Trail.”

The wheelbarrows were quite the crowd pleaser.


Sally and Rump Roast birthday celebration on 8/3 at HG Supply at 1900.