The Almost Solo SCT

YHC thought he was going to have to run down to the trail when at 0529 no PAX had shown up yet but then Sex Panther texted me saying he was running 20 min late and finally, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes AlrightAlright came and made his first ever 2nd Choice workout and his first posting at one of my Q’s in approximately 17 months.

Started with a mosey to the parking deck and the usual warmup of SSH and IST’s, then ran up the ramps of the deck to the top and down the stairs to the bottom and then up the stairs to the top and then ramps to the bottom.

At this point the rain wasn’t too bad and decided braving the elements was better than hot boxing in the garage and we moseyed back to the soft top and did the first #sparetireringoffire which is 30 seconds of each of the following 10 exercises in succession:

J Lo’s
Rugby Sit-ups
Flutter kicks
Freddy Mercury’s
American Hammers
Penguin Crunch

After round one we ran a big lap around the park and finally Sex Panther showed up so we did another warmup of SSH’s where we alternated doing burpees until we got to 45.

Took a moment and rolled the workout dice and did some stuff and went into another ring of Fire

Another big lap around the park and then rolled the workout dice 3 times and landed on 20 burpees, 15 tuck jumps, and 15 Bonnie Blair’s, ran the big lap again and did one of previously mentioned exercises at each corner.

Closed out with another ring of Fire, ended a few minutes late so Sex Panther could get his money’s worth