The Amazing Race

PAX: Chairman Mao, Ina, Oatmeal, Sally, F150, Teasip, Special Sauce
QIC: Coach K

AO: Everywhere; Distance Covered: ~4.5 miles

SSH and IST x20 each

PAX split into teams of 2 for an Amazing Race themed Q across SMU’s campus. Each team was briefed with a map as well as cards detailing exercises, points, rules, etc (see pics). There were 6 stages (locations) each with its own challenge, roadblock, and potential detour. Roadblocks were to be completed by one (and only one) PAX before completing the challenge at each stage. Some stages had a detour, which meant there were 2 challenges from which to choose and split amongst the two PAX. Points were awarded for completing individual stages as well as completing multiple stages.

Most Points: Team Chairman Mao and F150
Fastest Lap: Team Special K (Special Sauce and Coach K)

We started off hot this morning when people inquired about AlrightAlright‘s whereabouts, and Special Sauce promptly (and innocently) replied with “seeing his girlfriend in Orlando”. Apparently AA broke the golden rule of never having your wife and side chick in the same city (Mrs. AA if you’re out there, your husband does not have a side chick). Immediately after, some comments were spread about Icebox‘s absence despite his big talk for Team Cinnamon Roll. He later texted saying he slept through his alarm…a likely story.

PAX jumped on board quickly with the idea of the Q even trying to rush the start time a bit. It became clear early on there was a strategy to the race. Two teams stuck by base camp and started there, while the other two teams went off towards La Madeleine to get the far stages out of the way. Passing teams throughout the day resulted in some nice mumblechatter, jokes, and threats as I mentioned that sabotage was 100% permissible – especially with Sally and Oatmeal who were on our tails the entire first lap.

Back at base camp, PAX started counting steps, calories, and what not. When exactly YHC turned into a runner’s Q is a mystery, but all PAX confirmed 4.5 miles on the day with the exception of Teasip who noted that he got home after midnight and so he had an additional .3 miles from whatever adventures he was on. T-claps for showing up in spite of that though.

We made our way to Bubba’s where Teasip and I ran into who we think was Aaarrrggghhh in the drive-thru but with an accent thicker than molasses, which threw both of us off. We tried to convince him to come in but were rejected. Inside, we talked through our most interesting office holiday party stories/fiascoes as well as Sauce losing Kareem Hunt in Fantasy. Oatmeal took a jab at moonshiners, which cut a little too close for home for some of us. Teasip took the Chairman Special to a new level by adding a slice of Pecan Pie to the mix, which we’re all certain was leftover from Thanksgiving the prior week. PAX rolled out content in preparation for a big day of football.

Unfortunately I don’t have the omniscience to speak about Second F that happened with other teams, but Team Special K chatted it up the entire time. Whether Special Sauce has had enough of YHC is up for debate, but it was fun for me at least.

The point of the Q was to get people to work together, talk, and ultimately have a good time in the spirit of friendly competition. Roadblocks required teams to pick and choose which PAX suffered a bit more at each stage. For Team Special K, my PIC picked up extra burpees because of my hand and made sure I was comfortable with the amount of running throughout the morning. We’ve all been pushing the idea of picking each other up here recently, so this was the inspiration for the Q: walk alongside your brothers, pick ’em up when they need it, and reach out when you need it.

Given PAX reviews, this Q will definitely make a comeback at some point but probably bigger, better, and longer for those dedicated.

Happy Hour on December 14th. As much as y’all hate Ozonas, no one has suggested a suitable alternative

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