The Glencoe Omaha Q

PAX: Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Coach K, Icebox, Pow Pow, Rock Chalk (FNG – Welcome!), Rump Roast, Sally, Schnitzel, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Sweet Baby, Thunderlips
QIC: Teasip, who quickly assigned it to Aaarrrggghhh

AO: Glencoe Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given by Teasip


Immediately after the disclaimer was given, YHC informed the PAX that one of them would be chosen to Q the rest of the workout. Aaarrrggghhh did an incredible job of keeping us moving and active and didn’t require much help as he went through the below beatdown:

SSH x15, IST x 15, Merkins x 10

Mosey to Tennis courts for paint the lines, followed by Two rounds of bear crawl suicides and Rugby Sit Ups. Next, lunge across the tennis courts, and reverse lunge back. Followed that up with a Jacob’s Ladder of Burpees (6) and WWI Sit ups (1).

Moseyed over to the bleachers for a Dirty McDeuce: 3 rounds of 12 reps of Derkins, Dips, Box Jumps, Penguin Crunch with a sprint across the football field, then back in between sets. Circle Merk was next, with planks while you wait, along with a Circle WW1 and doing flutter kicks and LBCs while waiting for your turn. Moseyed over to the tennis court to finish up with some Mary.

Uptown crunch x12

LBC x12

The idea behind the Omaha Q was to put stress on the Omaha Q and allow the PAX to encourage and help out the Omaha Q if he couldn’t think of an exercise. In the Q Source curriculum a couple weeks ago, we discussed trust and how stress and shared pain can build trust. We want to continue to build up leaders and community by giving different types of stress (mental & physical) during the workouts, as well as being there and supportive for each other.

There was some confusion and apprehension when YHC announced that someone else will be Qing. It appears that a few of the PAX thought YHC was being lazy and passing off not planning a beatdown for this morning. It started without a hitch, as the new Q Aaarrrggghhh started with the typical warmup, but didn’t realize that he was then Qing the rest of the workout, leading to some delay of workout burpees. The question of “is it still me?” popped up several times during the workout. Not much else mumblechatter, except Rump Roast mentioning that YHC may have some competition for the flatulence crown if Schnitzel makes a few more appearances. Overall, #tclaps to Aaarrrggghhh for crushing the Q with no planning and #tclaps to the PAX for embracing this new twist.

1. Q Source Wednesday, 8/21 at 1800 at CFA Hillcrest and Friday, 8/23 at 1130 in Preston Center 
2. CSAUP Planning meeting this Thursday, 8/22 at 1730 at Grub Burger Bar on Greenville.