VQ of the Year Semi-Final 1: Classified vs. Slushii

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PAX: YHC, Agnes Ant Man Anthony Kachiros Bleep Charles Tanzola Classified DFib Dirtbag Double Pane Icebox Meatball Oatmeal Plus One PowPow Special Sauce Slushii Sex Panther Siesta Stingray Teasip sound machine Swiper Paul Floyd @FNGJohn

Disclaimer: Given by YHC

Warmorama: SSH x20, IST x15

Tha Thang: CLASSIFIED Q Amazing Race Run to First Clue First Clue (Tenison and Lindsley): • 30 Burpees • Lunge Walk to Second Clue Second Clue (Blair and Lindsley): • 50 Merkins • Detour: Carry mini-coupon to finish line (-2 min) • U-turn: 30 J-Lo’s (Single Count) • Bear Crawl to Third Clue Third Clue (Blair and Santa Monica) • 70 Squats • Detour: Carry coupon to finish line (-3 min) • U-turn: 40 Bonnie Blairs (Single Count) • Backwards Run to Fourth Clue Fourth Clue (Tenison and Santa Monica) • 50 WW1 Sit-ups • Detour: Put on and wear Penguin Costume to finish line (-2 min) • U-turn: 30 T-Merkins • Run to Fifth Clue Fifth Clue (Santa Fe Trail and Santa Monica) • 30 Crab Cakes (Double Count) • Sprint to Pavillion Finish Line

SLUSHII Q Railroad track plank Native American style on the field F3 baseball – 150 exercises at each base for 12min – team with the most “runs” win. Different modes of transportation to each base 1st base – lunge – Big Boi sit ups 2nd base – bear crawl – squats 3rd base – Frankenstein – JLo’s Home plate – sprint – merkins 10 burpees together to finish off Moleskin: – We welcomed Anthony Kachiros back for his second workout. Which means he earned a name. He’s originally from Amarillo, so we named him Big Tex after the world famous Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo. – We also had two FNGs, John and Charles Tanzola. We look forward to seeing you guys again soon and giving you an F3 name. – This is officially the record for most PAX at a workout in F3 Dallas. And we did it on a Friday! At an AO that doesn’t host a regular workout! – We will be having more workouts at Lindsley Park in the near future, and potentially a happy hour in the neighborhood…. – Oh and Classified won. He will face the winner of tomorrow’s matchup in the Championship – How’s that for a segue… tomorrow: Burleson Park at 0700. Agnes vs. Siesta vs. sound machine