Walmart Returns

PAX: Ghost Rider, Eruzione, Mookie, Rabbit, Bubba, and Boomer
QIC: Walmart

AO: Rice Middle School
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Walmart gave the welcome and disclaimer that neither F3 nor Walmart can be liable for injuries at the workout. PAX should modify as necessary.

SSH x30 IC
Imperial Storm Troopers x20 IC
Windmills x20 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Copperhead Squats x20


Ring of Fire:
Circuit of 8 exercises with 42 seconds of work and 18 seconds of rest/move to the next station. 1 minute rest after all 8 exercises complete. Repeato 3 more times, for a total of 4 times.

Kettle bell swing with 25lb plate
Overhead press with 25lb plate
American Hammer
Mountain Climber


Deconstructed Burpee Relay:

Deconstructed burpee:
-Squats x10, x9, x8, etc.
-Merkins x10, x9, x8, etc.
-Leg thrusts x10, x9, x8, etc.
-Merkins x10, x9, x8, etc.

PAX split into pairs. One PAX on each team starts with 10 reps of each deconstructed burpee exercise while his partner bear crawls across a fotball field. Once the first PAX completes the deconstructed burpee, he runs to his partner and takes over on the bear crawl route. The second PAX then runs back to the starting point to do his 10 reps of deconstructed burpees, then runs back to his partner to again take over the bear crawl route. Repeato, except each PAX decreases reps by 1 each time he goes back to deconstructed burpees, until completing the workout by doing 1 rep of each.

Due to time, PAX stopped after completing 7 reps each of the deconstructed burpee exercises.

Flutterkick x15 IC
Freddie Mercury x15 IC

Q shared about his experience taking the bar exam, which caused Q to miss 3 weeks of workouts. PAX prayed for schools returning to in-person classes.

Lots of Mumblechatter about the return of college football. Bubba and Boomer went back and forth about which UT is superior. Still inconclusive. Ghost Rider gave his “compliments to the chef” for the Ring of Fire workout, but quickly retracted his praise once the bear crawling began.

Monday Runday on 9/14 at Oak Point Amphitheater.