What happened to Pepper

AO: Caruth Park

SSH x20
IST x15
Hillbilly x10
Moroccan Night Clubs x10

Mosey past the Stadium, past the track, past the parking deck and past the Mustangs.

Circle of Pain
Merkins x10
Peter Parkers x10
Parker Peters x10

Bataan Death March (from street corner by Mustangs to Burleson Park)
PAX at the back does 3 lunges on each leg then runs to the front

Rings of Hell
3 Laps around the park (.25 mile/lap) with 10 pull-ups each lap

Bataan Death March Part II (from park to Mustang parking deck)
PAX at the back does 5 Overhead Claps then runs to the front

Partner Dinner Call
Start at the bottom of the parking deck.
Partner 1: flutter kicks
Partner 2: run up one ramp, call Partner 1 up and begin flutter kicks
Repeato to the top and then back down

Stairs and Ladders
Run up stairs, and at each level do increasing number of squats, continue increasing the number at each level as PAX run down the stairs

Take the Long Road Home
Mosey around construction back to La Madeleine

LBC x12
Paulina x12

PAX: Chairman Mao, Coach K, Marie Callender (F3 Concord), Oo-De-Lally, Splash
QIC: AlrightAlright


6 PAX gathered in the gloom this morning… none of whom were scheduled to Q. At 0530 YHC took the reins, but decided that we would warm up in the parking lot in case Pepper was running just a couple minutes behind. He was not, so we took off. With rain in the forecast and lightning visible YHC decided that it would be best to stay close to parking decks as opposed to completely facing the potential elements on the Katy Trail.

– All complaints about the workout should be directed to Pepper
– YHC wanted to get plenty of cardio in without crushing everyone’s legs the day before we complete the #ironpaxchallenge
– The PAX were pretty much silent for much of the #beatdown, so the cardio must have been sufficient.

– #SecondF Happy Hour is tomorrow at 1730 at Ozona. Oo-De-Lally has made the not so executive decision to invite M’s, so bring your M’s and CBD’s.
– #IronPAXChallenge tomorrow at Germany Park at 0530