Where Dem Girls At

PAX: Sally, Tuber (FNG), Ina (in spirit)
QIC: Coach K

AO: Burleson
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given, without the usual level of sarcasm

SSH x25, IST x20, Cotton Pickers x15

Mosey to Ownby Street for #LegDay

4 sets, without rest
-40 squats IC
-20 step ups
-20 bonnie blairs
-20 box jumps

Mosey to Track for more #LegDay

Backwards run 100 meters; Lunge 100 meters and repeato

Mosey to Mustang garage for bent Jacob’s Ladder up and down the ramp with 5 burpees at the top and 1 lunge at the bottom

Mosey back to Ownby Street for Bat Wings

2 sets
-10 abyss merkins
-20 forward arm circles; 20 reverse arm circles
-20 OHD press
-20 birds

10 absolutions

General prayers as we go about the work week

As promised, here’s a shout out to Ina. The heavy #LegDay was not appreciated. People don’t realize if you work legs in a little bit every day then there’s no such thing as “Leg Day”…but to each their own.

Crankapotamus (aka YHC) rolled up with a grim face and hood up – ya know, the usual persona. YHC did go above and beyond by introducing himself to the FNG and holding a conversation until the Jacob’s Ladder where everyone focused on the cardio.

Rush girls were once again MIA. Fortunately, YHC met a former SMU grad student Saturday afternoon anyway. The rest of the PAX were on their own. We came across one who walked by during the bat wings, but YHC was the only one who noticed the wedding ring. Step 1 boys, always check.

The naming ceremony was a struggle due to tiredness and general lack of creativity on YHC’s part. Theo was born and raised in Texas and works as a high school counselor. He spent time in Thailand, India, and New Mexico. We were content with Area 51 as a name until he graciously mentioned his AIM address was “mashpotatoman”, which resulted in his potato-based nickname courtesy of Sally (still unafraid to express his displeasure with his own name).

1. CSAUP event 03/02; discussion tomorrow during the ruck
2. Run Ranger Run signups for February
3. Girl Scout cookie orders