Where’s the Playground?

DATE: 2/8/2020.

TEMP: 35.

WEATHER: Clear and sunny.



PAX: Walmart, Maverick, Eruzione, and Mookie.

QIC: Walmart.


AO: Rice Middle School.


WELCOME/DISCLAIMER: Given. Q is not a professional. PAX are here voluntarily. Modify as necessary.



-SSH x25 IC

-Mountain Climber x25 IC

-Imperial Walker x25 IC

-Cotton Picker x25 IC

-Mosey around Rice.



Mosey to the playground. Stopped at some benches on the way.

-Dip x30 IC

-Irkin x25 OYO

Continue to the playground.

Jacob’s Ladder: 5 pullups, 1 swerkin. Then 4 pullups, 2 swerkins. 3 pullups, 3 swerkins, etc.

Bear crawl across playground.

Mosey back to Rice.

Baseball: each corner across the entire tennis court area of 3 courts is a pain station. PAX split into pairs and were responsible for 80 reps total per pair. PAX could divide reps however they like. Partner carry between each Base.

-First Base: Flutterkick (double count).

-Second Base: Bonnie Blair (double count for first lap, then single count).

-Third Base: Freddie Mercury (double count)

-Home: Frog Jumps.



-WWI Situp x25 OC

-Plank for 1.5 minutes.

-American Hammer x25 OYO (double count).


CIRCLE OF TRUST: prayed for Maverick’s family, Rabbit, Walmart’s wife, and the coronavirus outbreak.

MOLESKIN: PAX discussed Elon Musk, the proposed high speed train between Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Teslas, solar panels, fun things to do in Phoenix, and the Superbowl.