4 Corners

AO: Caruth Park
Warm-O-Rama: SSH, IST, side-lunges (slow), daisy pickers, mosey to tennis courts
FOUR CORNERS- Each corner of the tennis courts had an exercise (1 minute at each corner) chosen by the roll of a dice and another roll of the dice showed us how to get to each station.
Set 1- Bear crawl to each station. Stations: Hand release merkins, wall sits, J-Los, SSH
Set 2- Walk to each station. Stations: Carolina Dry Docks, Bobby Hurley?(squat and slap ground), rugby sit-ups, seal jacks
Set 3- Forward Lunge to each station. Stations: T-merkins, plié squats, hold plank, high knees
Set 4- Sprint around full court then to station. Stations: Shoulder raises, monkey humpers, LBC’s, Alley lines
Set 5- didn’t have time so we 10x diamond merkins, gorilla squats, Freddy Murcury
PAX: Gambler, Ina, Coach K, Icebox, Oo-De-la-ly, Teasip, Pony Express, Alright Alright, Helmet and Rocket Man
QIC: Aaarrrggghhh
YHC prayed us out
4 Corner Beer choice after completing work out: Heart O’ Texas (Red Ale), El Chingón (IPA) and Local Buzz (Honey-Rye Golden Ale). Will be sure to pick up more Local Buzz due to it being the first one gone.