F3 Fort Worth Launch

PAX: Manhole (FNG Dave), Rocket Man, Pipe Dream (FNG Ryan), Snooki (FNG Craig), Rump Roast, Arachnophobia (FNG Austin), Beaver, Round Up, Carnitas (FNG Brian), Chuck E. Cheese (FNG Tony), Griswold, El Oso, Oatmeal, Hercules, Edible Arrangement, Cinco, Fabio (FNG Caleb), Duff (FNG Dan)
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Bayard Friedman Tennis Center (Fort Worth needs to name this AO)
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME:  Your Humble Correspondent gave the full unabridged version.

Mosey to the Track

Side Straddle Hops x20

Imperial Storm Troopers x15

Overhead Claps x50

Monkey Humpers x5

Burpees x5 On Your Own


Bataan Death March: 3 lines of men.  Run around the track with runner at the back of the line doing 3 burpees then running to the front. Repeato until 2 laps around the track have been completed.

Dora 123: Partner up. Partner 1 runs while Partner 2 performs the exercise.  Flapjack and repeato until the pair has completed the following exercises:

100 Burpees

200 Merkins

300 Lunges – single count

Bear crawl down the stairs to the parking lot.  Modification: Lunge down ramps

Bear crawl across parking lot back to Shovelflags.

Little Baby Crunches x15

Flutter Kicks x10

90 Degree Crunch (Hercules) x10

Low Dolly (Oatmeal) x10

Rosalita x15

Nolan Ryan x7 each side (one for each of his no-hitters)

Naming was fun, as always.  

Manhole – went to Cal Berkeley. The city of Berkeley is removing all gendered language from city code.  Manhole was one of the more ridiculous changes.

Pipe Dream – sells pipes.

Snooki – announced to us that he’s originally from New Jersey.

Arachnophobia – went to University of Richmond, home of the Spiders.

Carnitas – sells pork.

Chuck E. Cheese – works in real estate for CEC (Chuck E. Cheese corporate).

Fabio – we were between that and Rapunzel.  You have to see the locks to believe them.

Duffman – food and beverage distributor.  Duff Beer is Homer Simpson’s beer of choice.  Duffman is their spokesperson.  

YHC didn’t hear too much mumblechatter today.  Could be because the PAX were winded.  Or it could be that they weren’t comfortable harassing the stranger that was leading them through a beatdown.

The field was full of divots and holes from javelin and shot put practice, so we had to be careful and there was some grumbling involved. 

Rump Roast did look at me in the middle of Dora and say “I hate you.”  Which is the response YHC was looking for during this workout.

Round Up was drinking coffee before the workout, and YHC mentioned that we might see that coffee again.  YHC was unable to run it out of him though.

Your Humble Correspondent was grateful that the PAX left Snooki to be YHC’s partner.  That saved YHC a lot of merkins. 

Thank you all for welcoming our crew from Dallas and for all that you’re doing to get F3 Fort Worth started.

1. Workout on Friday at Overton Park at 0530
2. Workout on Saturday at Bayard Friedman Park at 0630