Three’s Company

PAX: Draper, Sally
QIC: PowPow

AO: Burleson

SSH x 15 IC

IST x 15 IC

Cotton Pickers x 13 IC

Mosey to Dallas Hall


Dora 123: Partner 1 runs up and down stairs in front of Dallas Hall four times while Partner 2 performs the exercises:

100 Merkins / 200 LBCs / 300 Squats

7 of Diamonds: PAX perform 7/14/21/28 reps of an exercise at each corner of a diamond, laid out on the quad in front of Dallas Hall. Movement from corner to corner was a mix of moseying, partner carry, bear crawl, carioca and backwards run.


7 – Burpees

14 – Ski Abs

21 – (Skipped for time)

28 – Calf raises

Mosey back to soft top at Burleson

Burpees x 15 OYO

Freddie Mercury x 10 IC

Uptown Crunch x 10 IC each side

Sweat Angels x 10 IC

Dr W’s x 5 IC

Flutter Kicks x 10 IC

LBCs x 20 IC

YHC thanked Sally and Draper for joining me this morning and for their commitment to accelerating themselves and others. The DRP (Daily Red Pill – daily commitment to accelerate the 3 Fs) is impossible to sustain unless one teams with other men.

Today was YHC’s 43rd post since starting F3, and lately YHC has been an enthusiastic listener of the 43 Feet podcast from F3 Nation – so the workout included a total count of 43 in the Warm-O-Rama and 43 burpees.

With a group of just three men working out mumblechatter was more like 2nd F…when we could breathe enough to say anything. An older couple walking through the quad laughed at us and gave us thumbs-up as we partner carried/bear crawled past them, we must have looked pretty weird.

YHC was a bit preoccupied with the plan for the workout, due to it being my 2nd ever Q for a bootcamp workout, so a lot of mummblechatter was about that. This one will be coming back again, for sure.

1. We need a Q for #DoubleTime on Monday
2. Fort Worth launch on Satur …. wait no, you missed it.