Alright Alright’s 30th Birthday Beatdown

PAX: 3 teams

– Team Alpha: Alright Alright (Captain), Oatmeal, Pepper, Pow Pow, Special Sauce

– Team Beta: Draper (C), Chairman Mao, Plus One, Sally, Teasip

– Team Gamma: Stingray (C), F150, Rump Roast, Shifty McCoy, Splash

AO: The area surrounding Burleson Park

YHC assigned teams the night before the workout and each team was told to report to their launch location for a prompt 0700 start.  Each team would complete a certain number of exercises (at assigned checkpoints).  The goal was for all 3 teams to complete their mission in an hour or less.  If any team failed there would be punishment for the whole group.

The Missions:

Team Alpha – Run: 6 miles; Exercises: 100 Burpees, 200 Lunges, 300 Imperial Storm Troopers, 400 Merkins, 500 Plank Jacks, 600 Squats.

Team Beta – Run: 4 miles; Exercises: 200 Burpees, 400 Lunges, 600 Imperial Storm Troopers, 800 Merkins, 1000 Plank Jacks, 1200 Squats.

Team Gamma – Run: 2 miles; Exercises: 300 Burpees, 600 Lunges, 900 Imperial Storm Troopers, 1200 Merkins, 1500 Plank Jacks, 1800 Squats.

The Results:

Team Alpha – Failure (Completed 5 miles, and were 100 squats short during the allotted time, but finished the workout)

Team Beta – Failure (Completed over 3 miles and were on squats when time ran out, but finished the workout)

Team Alpha – Failure (Completed the run, but did not complete all reps)

The Punishment: All PAX have to complete 30 birthday burpees with the Q.

This one will probably make a reappearance.