AlrightAlright Tour De France

AO: Burleson Park


Stage – Style – Exercise – Category – Winner – Most Aggressive
1 Flat – SSH x20 Burpees x10 – Sprint – Special Sauce – N/A
2 Flat – IST x15 T-Merkins x15 – Sprint – Coach K – N/A
3 Team Time-Trial – Each Member of Team Must Lead a Lap – Team – Team BMH – Icebox
4 Flat – Monkey Humpers x10 World War I Sit Ups x15 – Sprint – Special Sauce – N/A
5 Hilly – Bear Crawl Down and Back – Sprint – Special Sauce – N/A
6 Hilly – Crawl Bear Down and Back – Sprint – Special Sauce – Coach K
7 Flat – Box Jumps x15 – Sprint – Coach K – Radio
8 Flat – Sprint – Sprint – Special Sauce – Ant Man
9 Hilly – Crab Walk from benches to crosswalk – Sprint – Coach K – Teasip
10 Mountain – 10 Bobby Hurleys and run to the top and back – Climb – Chairman Mao – Ina
11 Mountain – Burpees x5 Lunges x10 IST x15 run to the top and back – Climb – Chairman Mao – Teasip
12 Mountain – Merkins x20 Plank Jacks x25 run to the top and back – Climb – Coach K – Chairman Mao
13 Flat – 12 Dips 12 Derkins 12 Irkins – Sprint – Special Sauce – N/A
14 Hilly – Bear Crawl Up One Ramp Run Up the Next – Climb – Chairman Mao – Special Sauce
15 Hilly – Run Up 2 Ramps and Back Down – Climb – Special Sauce – Chairman Mao
16 Flat – Run to Pull Up Bars and do 10 Pull Ups – Sprint – F-150 – Ant Man
17 Flat – Team Laps… first person to finish – Team – Team BMH – Pepper


PAX: Ant Man, Coach K, Pepper, Special Sauce, Icebox, Ina, F150, Chairman Mao, Oo-De-Lally, Plus One, Teasip, FNG: Radio
QIC: AlrightAlright


Yellow Jersey Winner (Best Overall): Special Sauce
Polka Dot Jersey Winner (Best Climber): Chairman Mao
Green Jersey Winner (Best Sprinter): Coach K
White Jersey Winner (Best Over Age 40): Ina
Team Winner: Team BMH – Icebox, Pepper, Plus One

Stage Winners:
Special Sauce: 7; Coach K: 4; Chairman Mao: 3; Icebox, Pepper, Plus One: 2; F150: 1

12 PAX gathered to compete in the Second Annual F3 Dallas Tour de France (YHC showed up to officiate). The race did not disappoint, as all of the PAX gave the maximum effort throughout the workout. Everyone competed for stage victories and made each stage exciting. There were a couple controversial stage results, which aligns perfectly with the actual Tour de France. Special Sauce grabbed the lead early with multiple sprint stage victories and the lead was insurmountable for the climbing specialist Chairman Mao. One of the climbing favorites prior to the race was Pepper, unfortunately he spent too much energy in the sprint stages, and even gave up some extra calories along the way. The climbs certainly had the feel of le Tour, and it showed on the faces of the competitors as they neared the summit each time. This was a heck of a workout for Special Sauce to bring an FNG to, but Radio was strong throughout. Welcome to this crazy brotherhood.

1. Happy Hour
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