Amazing Race – without competition

PAX: Sally, Ina, Teasip, Sweet Baby, Rump Roast, Island Time, Draper, Siesta, Plus One, Sex Panther
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Sorority Row

Lots of Moseying

Coach K’s Amazing Race as a Group

Mosey to Bush Library, 20 Box Jumps

Mosey to The Nest and The Bridge, Run a Lap over The Bridge and back

Mosey to La Madeleine, Wheel of Merkins on stairs, all done as Double Count to give PAX a break from running, 10 Irkins, 10 Right Arm Up, 5 Derkins (much appreciated by all), 10 Left Arm up

Mosey to the Track, Bear Crawl 100 meters

Mosey/Bataan Death March to the Quad, Jacob’s Ladder on the stairs, Gorilla Squats 6:1 and Carolina Dry Docks 1:6

Mosey back to Burleson Park, Pull Ups 4 rounds of 5 for each PAX

Peter Parkers

Dancing Chilcutts

Flutter Kicks

LBCs x10

Rosalita x15

Penguin Crunch AMRAP

YHC prayed us out.  Praying that we would be comfortable being vulnerable with each other and leaning on each other in times of need.


Lots of running for the PAX today. Estimates are between 4.5 and 5.3 miles depending on how far people had to go to pick up the 6.

The Over/Under for Rump points was set at 4.  YHC told Teasip that YHC believed it would be closer to 4 per mile, so closer to 18.  It was WAY OVER 4.  Not sure if it got to 18.

Teasip noted that the only person that he didn’t hear complaining at all during the workout was Sally. 

Sweet Baby showed off some speed during the Bataan Death March.  Unfortunately, he miscalculated the distance.  Regardless, he has come a long way and is a force to be reckoned with.  #tclaps brother.

Rump Roast might have hated this workout, but he crushed it.  He’s quite the runner at this point.

Sex Panther and Island Time were in the same boat.  The progress of this crew over the past 6 months is incredibly impressive.

#Tclaps to Plus One for constantly checkin on the 6 and making sure no one got lost today.  Important task today as the group got spread out at points.

Hopefully, Ina appreciated how much these miles would help him for his Spartan next week.

Draper, Sally and YHC all commented on our arms and chests being dead, and in some cases “nipples numb,” after all the merkins yesterday and today.

This #beatdown seemed to be right in Siesta’s wheelhouse.  YHC doesn’t think he broke a sweat.

#Tclaps to Coach K for designing this mini-CSAUP.  Always a lot of fun.  Particularly enjoyable with the whole group.  Lots of Second F as we covered 5 miles.

1. Panzerschwein – meet at Burleson Park at 2330 (11:30 PM) on 11/1 for 8 hours of rucking fun; if you’d like to participate in a 3 hour version, let YHC know
2. Second F going on right now at The Rustic

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