Discovering a New Land

AO: Caruth Park with a detour to Smith Park
PAX: Special Sauce, Icebox, Aaarrrggghhh, Ant Man, Candy Cane, Minerva (FNG)
QIC: Coach K

SSH x25
IST x20
Cotton Pickers x10
Aaarrrggghhh Special (slow and low side Lunges) x7

Mosey a bit, Bear crawl a bit to other side of Caruth Park

Run to Smith Park (due west a mile away) with elevator BLIMPS stations at each intersection. Starting with 5 burpees at every station and adding a letter

Dirty McUno
Claymakers, Irkens, Overhead Claps

Partner Up. PAX 1 starts running left around the park while PAX 2 runs right. When you meet up, do 20 reps of exercise (partner merkins, wwii sit ups, etc) then finish the lap.

Mosey back to Caruth with a little more bear crawls.

There were concerns about my Q from a couple of PAX when an FNG (now Minerva) rolled up. Apparently we can’t move past the burpee Q. But, to everyone’s surprise, I can be reasonable. Icebox commended me on a tough but fair Q for the new guy. Tried to get a little more running in today since we’ve done zero this week without overdoing it for Katy Trail Thursday.

Ventured over to Smith Park, which is a cute little gem hidden away over by Preston. Might make for a decent Friday Q.

It was great to see Candy Cane back in the gloom along with an FNG. Learned that Candy Cane is responsible for the name Claymakers (fun fact of the day). We originally named the FNG Doomslayer because of his line of work, but Icebox found inspiration in his time in Savanah landing us with Minerva from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Google it if you don’t understand.

Aaarrrggghhh doesnt think I can remember things from the workout, so get ready for some random ass details:

Icebox and Candy Cane talked about Fly Wheel just before the workout (traitors). Aaarrrggghhh complained about the bridge as soon as I mentioned bear crawling. Icebox, Candy Cane, and Ant Man almost got blasted by the sprinkler once they crossed it.

We saw this nice little mansion with an underground parking area just for them. Special Sauce noted that that’s commonplace up in Pittsburgh.

They’re redoing a lot of the roads back there in HP making for an uncomfortable run. Though there always seemed to be one two foot wide section of smooth pavement near the middle.

On our way west, we noticed a lovely van sitting in the middle of the road. Expecting a kidnapping attempt, Special Sauce and I planned a rouse, but it was unneeded. Who would try to kidnap either of us is beyond me.

I made a joke about doing the Tunnel of Love in the mud on the way back, but that was quickly shot down. Save it for another day…probably use it with my “pass the buck” Q coming up which the PAX can warn you about.

YHC prayed us out and prayed for those who couldn’t make it today be it travel or laziness. Prayed for our man splash and wishing him a happy marriage for him and soon to be Mrs. Splash.

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