Army Sgt. Zachary D. Tellier WOD || Bringing Back Sunday’s With Sally

Sally and Sweetbaby

Rump Roast

41 at launch and a beautiful day to be outside!

Burleson Park/Garage


Intro/ Warm-o-Rama: 
SSH x20 (DC,IC)
Cotton Pickers x10 (DC, IC)
IST x20 (DC, IC)
Ranger Merkins x15 (OYO, SC)
World War II’s x15 (OYO, SC)

Mosey to the parking Garage

Tha Thang:
Army Sgt. Zachary Tellier WOD
31, of Charlotte, N.C.; assigned to the 4th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C.; died Sept. 29, 2007 at Firebase Wilderness, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained when insurgents attacked his unit using small-arms fire. Read more about Tellier here.

Starting at the gound level in the garage
10x Burpees
Run to the next level
10x Burpees  
25x Merkins
Run to bottom, repeat-O; floor 1 & 2
Then add 3rd level
10x Burpees  
25x Merkins
50x Lunges
Run to the bottom, repeat-O; floor 1, 2, & 3
then 4th level
10x Burpees  
25x Merkins
50x Lunges
100x LBC’s
Run to bottom, repeat-O; floor 1, 2, 3, & 4
5th level
10x Burpees  
25x Merkins
50x Lunges
100x LBC’s
150x Squats
Run to bottom then mosey back to launch point.
Circle of Trust:
YHC prayed us out.
This is a workout that Sally, Coach K, and YHC had completed on a Sunday many moons ago. I remember, we wondered what we had done to make Coach K so mad at us to inflict such a beating. Well, I’ve often remembered (or had flashbacks?!?!?) this beatdown and wanted to do it again. I texted Coach last night and with little detail, he knew exactly what I was talking about and pointed me to this little gem. I tweaked it a bit for the garage and we probably could have talked a little less and gotten farther but truthfully, our shoulders were shot from the weeks HEAVY shoulder days leading up to this. When I saw the story it inspired me last night, and made glad to have a group of brothers while maybe not combat soldiers… We’re in the trenchs together in day-to-day life combat here in the big city. I’m thankful to have a group of men that make me better in every way as we fight to be leaders in a world of followers. #taketheredpill #fitness #statpadsunday #sundayfunday