Figure 8 SMU Run

PAX: Alright Alright,  Pow Pow, Ina, Oatmeal, Special Sauce
QIC: Draper

AO: La Madaline

Mosey to SMU BLVD

15x SSH IC

15x HillBillies IC

15x Windmill IC

10x Merkins IC

Mosey to the area between the SMU track and SMU stadium


Run figure 8’s around the stadium and the track.

Each time the PAX made it to the center (1/2 of the 8) complete the following

10x Merkins

20x Squats

30x LBC’s

MOLESKIN: As we started to mosey to meet the 2nd choice PAX’ers a lot of Mumblechatter started as fear of not getting the run in set in.  We met the rest of the PAX at SMU blvd, did a quick warm up and mosey’d between to the stadium and track.  Here I stole @PlusOne’s figure 8 path and the exercises and the PAX were off.  Not much chatter during the workout as everyone was on their own pace.  Most finished a full round of 7 and completed the exercises for 8 which if you were keeping track is 80 merkins, 160 squats and 240 lbc’s.  The elite few made it through round 9.


  • Turkey Trot Saturday
  • Q of the year.  Nominations are open and tournament starts Monday 11/30

Burleson 11/19


PAX: Dfib, sound machine, Agnes, Broadway Joe, 
QIC: Slushii, 

AO: Burleson

Mosey to meet KTT group

SSH x 12 IC

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

5x5x5  at Cox building (5 dips on bench, run up stairs 5 burpees, run to other side and 5 (each leg) step ups on bench, around the world plank on street blockers, 5 box jumps on fountain

AB Station – LBCs, WW1, and Box Cutters

Mosey back to tennis courts at the park – calisthenic suicides (karaoke runs, high knee jump, backwards run)

On tennis practice wall – wall squat for 2 min, legs up on the wall and 5 irkins

Jlo x 10 IC

Homer to Marge

WWI x 10

Thankful for this day and time with these men

YHC went to an immediate mosey after the disclaimer and PAX felt we were going to go and run with the KTT. Last night YHC talked with Draper about a meetup for warm up. After a quick warm up the two groups split and we commenced on for a bootcamp beatdown. Some decent mumblechatter about what we would name our FNG. Lot’s of “that’s what she said” comments were made on the tennis court. Great getting to know Broadway Joe this morning and welcoming him to the group! 

1. HH at Dfibs house 11/20
2. Cocktail making class December 9th – see Chairmans post

Playground of Pain

PAX: Rabbit, Eruzione, Mookie
QIC: Walmart

AO: Vines High School / Liberty Park

DATE: 11/17/2020

F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given. Q is not a professional. PAX are at the workout voluntarily. Neither Q or F3 is liable. Modify as necessary.

IST x20 IC

Forward Arm Circles x20 IC

Backward Arm Circles x20 IC

SSH x25 IC


Mosey to the tennis courts.

Jacob’s Ladder: PAX started with 1 burpee, then ran across two tennis courts, then did 4 double count Bonnie Blairs. PAX ran back to the start for 2 burpees, then back across for 3 Bonnie Blairs, etc., until PAX did 1 Bonnie Blair and 4 burpees. Reps totaled 5 each time. PAX that finished early held an Al Gore pose until all in.

Al Gore for 30 seconds.

Native American Run around the block to the playground.

Playground Dora: PAX split into pairs. Pairs were jointly responsible for the following reps. One PAX does reps while the partner runs one lap around the playground, then PAX switch.

-Pullup x100

-Merkin x200

-LBC x300

American Hammer x15 IC

Flutterkick x15 IC

PAX prayed for Mookie’s friend sick with COVID and pneumonia.

PAX talked about the ongoing election cases and whether Texas would force another shutdown due to COVID.

Sign up for GrowRuck Alamo!

Sandbaggin’ it – 11/18/20

PAX: Stingray, AlrightAlright, Draper
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: The Harbor

SSH x 15 IC

Hillbillies x15 IC

Windmills (or the Praise Jesus) x 10 IC


PAX chose a sandbag and we began a camel pack mosey east to Fieldcrest for some 5x5x5 stops at each “corner” of the park:

 Fieldcrest: 5 sets: 5X burpees, 5X sandbag curls

Camel pack mosey to playground in SE corner of park: 5 sets: 5X sandbag step ups DC, run around perimeter of playground 5X dead bugs DC (x2)

Camel pack mosey to rec center parking lot: 5 sets: 5X HR merkins, backward run up hill with sandbag, 5X squats with bag

Camel pack mosey back to launching field for some body drags with the sandbags (approx. 20 yards) down and back x2 with 10 sandbag-free lunges thrown in at one end.


Freddie Mercuries x 20 IC starting on flat surface, up hill and highballing down the hill

LBC’s x 15 IC

 5x OHP with sandbag to wrap

Stingray commented on our pandemic journey equating it to his M’s experience running a marathon.  She hit a wall at mile 21.  With only 5 miles remaining, one would think you are so close to the finish that it should be smooth sailing.  However,  the last 5-6 miles of a marathon are the most brutal since most training never takes you beyond 20 miles at a time.  We are at mile 21 of the pandemic as hopeful news continues to flow about vaccines.  We must push through this phase and be diligent to not only finish the race, but be encouraging to our families and others we encounter!  YHC prayed us out

The mood quickly turned from hope to disappointment when only four PAX were present at launch.  What YHC had planned for a partner workout became a group exercise as the number of sandbags = number of PAX.  The grumbling quickly began when the PAX realized that with higher attendance the load of the sandbags could be shared with a partner, but alas, each PAX was responsible for his own 50lb “baby” throughout the workout.  With a focus on lower body, concerns quickly grew about the KTT workout tomorrow.  PAX can expect more sandbag workouts in the future as we slide into GrowRuck prep season!

Coffee Park 11/18/2020

PAX: Sex Panther, Dinger, Grills (Willy Loman F3 Omaha), Agnes, 
QIC: Slushii, Dfib, 

AO: Coffee Park 

SSH x 15 IC

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

DFIB – DORA (Pax 1 runs down street and back while Pax 2 does exercise, FlapJack) – 100 Merkins, 200 LBC, 300 Lunges (100 front, 100 side, 100 back)

Slushii – Partner up and race down Turtle Creek Blvd and back (~.75miles). When you get to the “T” intersection each pair does 50 LBCs, 50 WW1 sittups, and 52 American Hammers (Double Count). Mosey back to soft top – 3x5x1 – pullups, box jumps, dips. 

Jlo x 10 IC

Box Cutters x 15 IC

Windshield Wipers x 15 IC

Dolly x 15 IC

Rosalita x 15 IC

Thankful for another day to workout together

Started off with an unknown number of PAX. Warmed up with 5 PAX and after the mosey to the side street a Willy Loman showed up. There was some mumblechatter about changing the name of Dinger to Shallow Hal due to his tailbone soreness from his first day….still TBD. Great 2nd F after the workout getting to know the PAX a little more. Thankful for the fellowship after the beatdown. 

1. Potential HH @ Dfibs house Friday starting at 5pm
2. Cocktail making class December 9th – see band

November 16, 2020 – Westside Bootcamp – Germany Park

PAX: Classified, Dfib, Double Pane, Slushii
QIC: sound machine

AO: Germany Park


10x SSH 
10x Hillbillies 
10x Windmills 
10x Toe touches 
12x Produce pickers


Back to the 80s – Part 1
80 of each exercise
    ->Working our way up the body 
    40 of the first exercise on one end of the field; run to other end
    40 of the second exercise and return (Repeato)
Bonnie Blairs X 40 and run to other end of field
    Wojo Squats X 40 and return
    (slap the pavement when you squat)
LBCs X 40 and run to other end of field
    Plank X 40 (count to 40 s-l-o-w-l-y) and return
Merkins X 40 and run to other end of field
    Alternating Shoulder Taps x 40 and return
Moroccan Nightclub X 40 and run to other end of field
     Unweighted Shoulder Presses x 40 and return
Back to the 80s – Part 2 (because the 80s gave us the sequel)
    ->Working our way down the body 
    All as suicide for 3 intervals (27 + 27 + 26 = 80)
Bearcrawl and return for 
    Burpees x 27/27/26
Crabwalk and return 
    Curls x 27/27/26
Dragonwalk and return 
    *Peter-parrker except you’re moving forward
    Deadlifts x 27/27/26
    (Dragonwalk cut for time)
Murderbunnies and return
    Monkey Humpers x 27/27/26
Cusack* and return for
    *carrying a CMU overhead (a la Say Anything)
    Overhead Press x 27/27/26


20x WWI (Bigboy) Situps 
20x Boxcutterrs 

sound machine offered a prayer


The PAX enjoyed a fine morning of cool air and camaraderie. Mother Nature was kind enough to ensure the field was both cold and damp. The PAX was spread out for most exercises, keeping chatter to the minimum apart from recognition of who had gloves and who didn’t; who had waterproofing and who didn’t. (YHC recommends REI given the selection and generous return policy.) There was, however, a fair bit of singing along to some of our favorite selections from the 80s with the Beastie Boys being a particular standout. PAX did pioneer (or revisit) some lesser-used exercises including the Moroccan Nightclub and Cusack (which we performed, appropriately, to Peter Gabriel’s, “In Your Eyes”). Sadly, the Dragonwalk was cut for time. 

1. F3 Anniversary
2. Reminder to add information to the emergency contact sheet

Dbl Time/MRM – 11/16/20

PAX: AlrightAlright, Special Sauce, Pow Pow, Chairman Mao, Plus One, Stingray (lone rucker) 
QIC: Oatmeal



5 mile run

2.5 mile ruck (Stingray)

Good running weather and it showed as many PAX posted various PR’s throughout run.  


QOY competition is coming soon! 

YHC prayed us out.

Veterans Day – Chad 1000X

November 11th, 2020

PAX: Oatmeal, Big Tex, Stingray, Draper, F150
QIC: PowPow

AO: The Harbor

SSHx15 // ISTx15

Short mosey with rucks to pavilion

Step Ups x 25 IC – Remove ruck – mosey to handball court

Dirty Hookup (aka London Bridge)x10 IC // Chicken Peckersx8 IC – mosey back to pavilion and put on ruck

Steps Ups x 30 IC – Remove ruck – mosey SE to path near volleyball court

Merkins x 10 IC // OH Claps x 10 DC IC // Carolina Dry Dock x 10 OYO – back to pavilion

Steps Ups x 30 IC – Remove ruck – mosey to wheelchair path on west edge of park

Underdog on handrail x 15 DC IC – back to pavilion

Steps Ups x 30 IC – Remove ruck – mosey east to grass on far side of pool

LBCs x 20 DC IC // Crab Cakes x 20 IC – back to pavilion

Steps Ups x 40 IC – Remove ruck – mosey to handball court

Mtn Climbers (w/ feet on wall) x 10 DC IC – back to pavilion

Steps Ups x 45 IC – Remove ruck – mosey SE to path near volleyball court

Merkins x 10 IC // OH Claps x 10 DC IC // Carolina Dry Dock x 10 OYO – back to pavilion

Fluttersx15 DC IC // Freddie Mercuryx15 DC IC // Rosalita x 15 DC IC

Before the workout, YHC spoke about the purpose behind the PAX performing, as a team, the Chad 1000X WOD. Chad Wilkinson was a US Navy Seal who served his country for 21 years and who took his own life in 2018 due to the effects of traumatic brain injuries, blast wave injuries and PTSD; all suffered due to his numerous combat deployments. His friend and fellow Navy Seal, Dave Castro, created this Hero WOD to honor Chad upon hearing that he trained to climb Mt. Aconcaqua with this workout: For time – 1000 x 20″ box step ups w/ 45 pound ruck.

Veterans Day is a day to honor our veterans and thank them for their service.  GORUCK partnered with the Navy Seal Foundation to promote the Chad 1000X for Veterans Day to  honor Chad’s life and legacy and to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention. We contributed to this mission in a small way through our participation today. For more information visit:

YHC prayed us out with the Peace Prayer (or Prayer of St. Francis).

Each PAX completed 200 step ups during the workout, for a team total of 1,200. Getting to 1,000 individually would be quite a beatdown and very CSAUP-y, we should definitely try it sometime! Oatmeal demonstrated excellent leadership by example by picking up litter around the park during our moseys.

Not much mumblechatter, Draper joked that the Chicken Peckers (look it up in the Exicon) should only be done with Fluoride around….pretty good advice actually.

1. Turkey Trot coming up on 11/21

VQ of the Year Semifinal 2 – 11/7/2020

PAX: Agnes, Siesta, sound machine, Whoops, Coach K, Plus One, Fluoride, Anthony Kachiros (time to change the name on Band), Ina, Classified, DFib, PowPow, Ant Man, Kokomo, Thing 1, Alright Alright

QIC: Agnes, Siesta, sound machine

Warmorama: SSH x3

Tha Thang:

Siesta Portion: Suicide Jacob ladder 2 + 2 4 + 4 6 + 6 8 + 8 Burpees + nipplers

Partner Up. One bear crawls to the trash can, lunges on the way back, for a total of: 100 jump squats 100 upper head claps 100 World War I Mary 10 x Rosalita

Agnes Portion: KISS (keep it simple stupid, Kicks, Irkins, Squat; Step ups)… Dora 1st Partner runs around Burleson park cutting off at the tennis courts as the other partner starts (Flutter) Kicks x 200 … restart dora with new partners, run same route Irkins x 200 … short on time Omaha… keep partner Dora run same route and – Squat x 50 + Step up 50x single count

Sound Machine Portion: Suicide 70s – Bear Crawl / Merkins bear-crawl 1/2 across field – 35 merkins (run back) bear-crawl across field – 35 merkins (run back) Bonus: 10 burpees Pick up the 6 Suicide 80s – Crawl Bear / WWI Situps crawl-bear 1/2 across field – 40 WW1 situps. (run back) crawl-bear across field – 40 WW1 situps (run back) Bonus: 10 burpees Pick up the 6 Suicide 90s – Lunges / Foxholes lunge 1/2 across field – 50 Foxholes (run back) lunge across field – 50 Foxholes (run back) (Foxhole: WWI situp, roll to the side into a Merken. Repeato.) Bonus: 10 burpees Pick up the 6 Suicide 00s – Crab-Walk / Monkey Humpers crab-walk 1/2 across field – 50 monkey humbers (run back) crab-walk across field – 50 monkey humbers (run back) Bonus: 10 burpees Pick up the 6 Suicide 10s – Reverse Crab-Walk / Groiners reverse crab-walk 1/2 across field – 55 groiners (run back) reverse crab-walk across field – 55 groiners (run back)

Bonus: 10 burpees Pick up the 6 Moleskin: – Another amazing beatdown. Guys, we can do Co-Q’s whenever we want. Don’t forget that. – sound machine won the vote and will face off against Classified on Tuesday at Glencoe Park for the #VQOTY Championship.

Bad Luck Friday the 13th

PAX: Sound Machine, Classified, Big Tex, Gummi Bear, Swiper, Pow Pow, Agnes, Dirtbag, Meatball
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Lindsley Park

SSH x 15 IC

Hillbillies x15 IC

Deep Squats x 10 IC

Windmills x 10 IC


Split into teams of 3 and performed the following:

 P1: Sandbag carry around small lap on south end of park +1 OHP at each corner

P2: Run big lap on north end of park

P3:Exercises x 13 reps each          

PAX alternated through each phase sandbag carrier delivered the cargo

Box jumps onto table top (modified to benches as needed)

            Air squats



            Uptown Crunches

            Carolina Drydocks


Repeato exercises

PAX choice Mary for last three minutes.


YHC prayed us out

Since teams were in various stages of the circuit, mumble chatter varied throughout workout.  Box jumps onto table tops garnered some gasps, but the modification was gladly accepted by some.  The “silent K” nipplers also generated a few laughs/groans.  Sandbags elicited comparisons to coupons, noting they were much heavier.  Big Tex asked if the 80’s hair band playlist was an homage to the 80’s classic Friday the 13th, and YHC affirmed the choice noting creating a fun and spooky playlist was outside my wheelhouse and I found but one or two songs that would fit the bill.  Overall a good workout on a nice blustery morning.