Fourth of July 2020 Part II

Q: Draper and Alright Alright

PAX: Oatmeal, Boomer, Plus One, Island Time, Rump Roast, Shifty McCoy, Siesta, Ant Man, Maverick, Pow Pow, Icebox, Rabbit


SSH x15

Mosey to the Quad

Tha Thang:

Partner up and complete the following reps as a team:

76 Burpees

50 yard bear crawl

100 merkins

100 LBCs

100 Moroccan Night Clubs

100 Ranger Merkins

100 Squats

100 Mountain Climbers

100 Plank Jacks

100 Overhead Claps

100 Dips

100 Scissors

100 Step Ups

100 American Hammers

100 Shoulder Taps

100 High Knees

100 Side Straddle Hop

50 yard Bear Crawl

Run 1776 yards together

Naked Man Moleskin:

– Fun workout.  Great Patriotic Playlist by DJ Icebox.

– Plenty of time for Second F if PAX could figure out how to talk and count at the same time.

– We live in a great country.  There is room for it to improve.  The men of F3 Dallas can help.

The Bridge July 2nd, 2020

AO: Katy Trail… but really The Bridge

Q: Alright Alright

PAX: Icebox, PowPow, Draper, Plus One, Teasip, B Cup


– SSH x10

– Mosey to The Bridge

– IST x10

Tha Thang:

– Run Across The Bridge, 1 Merkin, 1 Parker Peter, 1 Groiner

– Repeato, increasing the reps by 1 each time across The Bridge


– AA – 14 rounds

– Draper – 14 rounds

– Plus One – 14 rounds

– Teasip – 13 rounds

– Pow Pow – 12 rounds

– Icebox – 12 rounds

– B Cup – 10 rounds

Great work from all the PAX.  Remember to keep giving it away.

Fourth of July 2020 Part I

PAX: Alright Alright, Draper, Icebox, Maverick, Oatmeal, Plus One, PowPow, Rabbit

8 PAX gathered at 0600 for some serious extra credit.  YHC told them ahead of time that it would be a cardio heavy beatdown and it did not disappoint.  The mumblechatter was minimal as most of us were trying to conserve energy/survive the beatdown.  Here’s how it went:

In front of the Tri Delt House: Burpees – 200 as a team

At the corner of Lovers and Hillcrest: Lunges – 400 as a team

At Caruth: Imperial Storm Troopers – 600 as a team

At Coffee Park: Merkins – 800 as a team

At Caruth Park: 1000 Plank Jacks as a team

At Lovers: 1200 Squats as a team

Native American run back to Burleson Park

Bonus Burpees x15 each

Bonus Lunges x30 each

Bringing Sexy Back!

Date: 06/25/2020
Temp: 77 °  
Weather: Yucky – almost 80 °  at 0530 in the morning and downright soupy out

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Bleep, Teasip, & Shifty McCoy
QIC: Rump Roast & Shifty

AO: Burleson Park

Disclaimer: Given by Shifty

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama by Shifty McCoy:
SSH x 14 (IC)
IST x 12 (IC)
Cotton Pickers x 12 (IC)
Groiners x 12 (IC)

 At this point YHC took over:  

The Thang:
Mosey to the benches by the fountain
– 10x Erkins (IC, DC)
– 10x Squats (IC, DC)
– 10x Derkins (IC, DC)
– 10x Alternating Step-Ups (IC, DC)
Reap-O 3x… I was thinking this was a Dirty McDuece but, without looking it up that it may be 4-sets. Either way, the Double count was ambitious and none of us would have completed the 4th set! 
Mosey to the Quad
I’m going this workout Bear Crawl Dora! 
We partnered up and did – 
100x Merkins
200x Overhead Claps
300x Squats 
While one PAX did the exercises the other bear crawled across the center grass of the Quad, and across the sidewalk and back. We ran out of time on Squats, I believe Teasip and Shifty were in the 200’s and Bleep and myself we at 200 even. Moseyed back to the launch point

Circle of Trust (CoT):
YHC prayed us out

No music this morning

I was extra motivated this morning for Shifty to give the disclaimer and lead the Warm-O-Rama. We had to prompt him a little on the disclaimer but did a great job. It wasn’t too far into my portion that Teasip proclaimed that he wished Shifty would have Q’d the entire work out! As soon as we started moseying to the benches it was clear my knee was hurting more than it has been. After the first set of step-ups I wanted to go home. So I modified my original idea of Jacobs Ladder to Dora Bear Crawl and I will tell you…. Between 200 Merkins the other day, @Arrrghhhhs beat down yesterday, 100x Burpees yesterday, and the Dirty McDuece it sucked! Everyone agreed! @Bleep announced that he officially hates Bear Crawling! Teasip on more than one occasion had some choice words, and even Shifty proclaimed this work out was the dumbest idea EVER! I took them all as a compliment! No doubt we ALL got better today. #acceleration #isi #giveitaway 

HH tomorrow – see Band


Burleson 6/20

Saturday 6/20


PAX: Alright Alright, Siesta, Oatmeal, Pow Pow, Island Time, Chairman Mao,

QIC: Draper

AO: Burleson



Warm Up

SSH x15 IC

IST x15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC


Mosey to Bishop Blvd by the SMU Flag Pole

Monkey Humper  Mile

  • Run the full loop at Bishop BLVD x2
  • At both ends complete 15 monkey humpers (Total 60)

Mosey to the Blanton Student Services Building

Grab a bench

  • Mike Tysons x5
  • Dips x10 IC
  • Irkins x10 IC
  • Decline Peter Parkers x10 IC
  • Decline Parker Peters x10 IC
  • Derkins x10 IC

Climb the stairs one stair at a time. 

-Up 1st stair, back down to bottom

-Up to the 2nd stair back down to bottom

-Up to 3rd stair, 4th stair etc until the top

Do 5 Merkins at the platform between levels and at the top

10 box jumps

Climb the stairs one step at a time and complete 5 calf raises at each step

Do 5 Merkins at the platform between levels and at the top

10 box jumps

Climb the stairs one step at a time and complete 5 squats at each step

Do 5 Merkins at the platform between levels and at the top

10 box jumps

Mosey back to the tennis court at Burleson

Run the lines with a burpee at each line


LBC x20 IC

Big Boy Sit Up x 12 IC

Flutter kicks till time >1 min

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Wished all eh dads a happy fathers day!

MOLESKIN: Great start to the weekend.  Monkey Humper Mile received quite a few groans before, but after AA even said “you could add more monkey humpers next time.”  YHC added the mike Tysons’ per the request of the PAX as they were a big hit the day before.  Thanks for introducing them @Plus One. 


  • Grow Ruck sign ups are available

The Seven Levels of the Candy Cane Garage

PAX: Alright Alright, Bleep, Chairman Mao, Icebox, Plus One, Rump Roast, Sex Panther, Shifty McCoy
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson Garage (Omaha from Glencoe with the storms)

SSH x20, IST x17, Windmill x10

With the storm, YHC was forced to Omaha to the Burleson parking garage for a modified beatdown from what YHC originally planned. 

Start with 12 merkins, then alternate running and back pedaling up the ramps to the last covered one.

OH Press x20 at the top, then run/back pedal back down. Followed that with a ramp suicide (run to the far parking space line and run back and keep going until you touch every line on the ramp).

Followed that up with Squats x15 and Bear Crawl up 4 ramps, then shuffle down the ramps.

Burpees x12 and WW1 Sit ups x15 OYO once we got back to the bottom. Followed by Crawl Bear up 4 ramps which was quite the crowd pleaser. Shuffle back down the ramps.

Finish up with lunge walk up one ramps, backwards lunge up another, The Bird x20 and Mountain Climbers x10 before moseying back down for 3 MoM

Uptown Crunch x12, Rugby sit ups x15

YHC prayed us out.

YHC woke up to a text from AA concerned about lightning. YHC didn’t see any while getting ready, so wasn’t concerned about the impending storm. Until YHC started driving, then decided that yes lightning was everywhere and Omaha’d to the Burleson parking garage. Sex Panther confirmed we couldn’t get into the garage but I think several of the PAX had already figured that out. During the windmills, it was noticed that YHC had a much slower count than Plus One who said that the Windmill is obviously a cardio workout. There wasn’t much grumbling until the Crawl Bears which got several groans and death glares from the PAX. Rumor has it Shifty McCoy splashed merlot to which Rump said YHC should feel terrible about. But YHC has no time for feelings or sympathy at that time of the day. Overall a good beatdown and a fun Omaha in the sweatbox.

1. GrowRuck Sign up is live. Check out band for details.

Round and round – 6/18/20

PAX: AlrightAlright, PlusOne, Chairman Mao, Icebox
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: La Madeleine                 

SSH x 15 IC

IST x15 IC

Deep squats x10 IC


Moseyed to the track.  It was closed.  Called an Omaha and we used the outside of the stadium instead.  Partner up:

P1: runs clockwise to meet P2

P2: runs counterclockwise to meet P1

Upon meeting PAX perform mekins x5, +2 each lap…until time

Continue around track where upon meeting partner, PAX perform groiners  x5, +2 each lap…until time

Mosey back to La Madeline parking lot for 6” leg hold until time (less than a min).

Total mileage ~4.15

YHC prayed us out.

YHC went hunting last night for an old track workout and pulled this gem out of the dustbin. Not terribly exciting but mentally tough.  AA and Chairman paired off as a team and the threesome of PlusOne, Icebox and YHC hit the trail around GJF Stadium.  YHC had given the PAX a vote between groiners and burpees before they knew what we were doing. PAX voted groiners  without YHC having to cast the deciding vote.  Obviously, mumberchatter was pretty much nonexistent during this workout because of physical distance and PAX were gassed.  Team AA/Chairman made it through a round of 19 (96 merkins/groiners) while Team Icebox/PlusOne/Oatmeal made it through the round of 17 (77 merkins/groiners). 

Fun in the Park – 06/11/20

PAX: Bleep, Life Alert, Slushii, Sex Panther, Draper
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Burleson Park                
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: All present are familiar, but abridged version given

SSH x 15 IC

IST x15 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

Mosey to SE corner of park

x25 Merkins
then to each successive corner of the park and complete

x25 Squats
x25 Peter Parker’s
x25 Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey to tennis courts
One-way suicide (i.e. facing same way entire time) with increasing groiners at each line
Mosey to wall for wall sit x 60 secs

Balls to the wall x5 (originally planned for x10 but much more difficult that YHC anticipated)
Back on the end line for OW suicide w/increasing burpees at each line

Mosey to parking lot for exercises below – bear crawl to next line between exercises
Hip slapper x10
Imperial storm kickers x10DC
Mickey mouse merkins x5
Superman x10DC

Mosey back to soft top for PAX choice Mary until time.

YHC prayed us out.

As is typical for YHC’s workouts (at least in his own mind) the workout was much rougher than it appeared on paper.  Mumble chatter commenced during the corner work but quickly dissipated once on the tennis courts and the groiners commenced.  The suicides slowly morphed into mall-walk suicides as the PAX and YHC hit E on the gas tank.  Balls to the wall proved to be a growth area for PAX.  Any additional reps would have provided some lucky plastic a nice South Pacific vacation!  Burpee suicide proved to be the regular crowd favorite, one that even YHC contemplated an Omaha.  Parking lot work introduced the PAX to a couple of new exercises and YHC sends his thanks to our resident safety patrol, Sex Panther, for suggesting that we not crawl across the entire parking lot given the construction crews coming to work.  Therefore, we went across only one section of the lot.  Some finish up Mary where I think Bleep took a nap with his legs at 12” above the ground.  The soft top is back open again, AlrightAlright has an old, familiar place to plant his Starbucky tailbone once again! 

We were all gassed when we hit time, YHC did his job!

Walmart’s Abstravaganza

DATE:  6/16/20

TEMP: 74

WEATHER: Cool and clear.



PAX: Rabbit

QIC: Walmart


AO:  Liberty Park





-IW x15 IC

Overhead Claps x15 IC

-Cherry Pickers x15 IC

-Moroccan Night Clubs x15 IC

-Bone the Fish



Mosey to the tennis courts for a Dora.

Ab Dora: PAX for pairs and share responsibility for completing the following exercises. One PAX does reps while the other runs across all 4 tennis courts and back. Once the running PAX gets back, they switch.

-200 LBC

-300 Freddie Mercuries (double count)

-400 Flutterkicks (double count)


7 of Diamonds: PAX start at one corner of the tennis court with 7 reps, then coupon carry to the next corner for 14 reps. Then to the next for 21, then 28.

-Coupon Overhead Press x7

-Kettlebell Swing x14

-Coupon Derkin x21

-Coupon Curl x28




-American Hammer x20 IC

-Boxcutter x20 IC

-WWI Situp x20 on Q’s call

-Uptown Crunch x20 OYO (both sides)



MOLESKIN: PAX talked about Q’s recent Florida trip and ways to get their brothers back out in the Gloom.

Bear Crawling the Trail

#backblast 6/11

PAX: Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Sally
QIC: Teasip

AO: Katy Trail #katytrailthursday

SSH x15, IST x15, Vegetable Picker x10

Mosey to the trail. Run a quarter mile, then 10 Merkins and 15 OH Press 

Run another quarter mile, followed by the Teasip second quarter special (Irkins and Derkins), followed by 15 LBCs

Partner up for the next quarter mile. Partner 1 starts running and Partner 2 starts bear crawling. Partner 1 runs to the next quarter mile marker, then runs back to swap with Partner 2. Partner 1 then continues bear crawling while Partner 2 runs to the next quarter mile and back. Keep switching until you finish bear crawling the full quarter mile.

Mosey to the benches for Dips x12. Then quarter mile runs back with the following pain stations: 

15 Rugby Sit ups OYO

Uptown crunch x12 both sides and 10 diamond merkins.

Mosey back to La Madeline for Merkin ring of fire to 50. 

Done during the workout

YHC prayed us out. Alright Alright proposed an idea of starting every workout with a Merkin Ring of Fire so guys can get familiar with each others names.

Small group this morning, which was a shame cuz the no shows missed out on some great Trail running weather. Alright Alright informed us that Pepper did his best politician impersonation by promising to have a perfect rest of the week starting today, but alas he was a no show. Maybe he’ll HC again for tomorrow? AA said Pepper promised him Canes if he didn’t show, so we’ll see if Pepper will pay up. Everyone was pretty sore from either the Harbor yesterday (even Sally with his half post yesterday) so YHC tried to hit the upper body hard. This was confirmed by AA saying this was the heaviest upper body Trail day (Mustang nonwithstanding). Overall, a solid beatdown enjoying probably the last good weather day until October.

1. Happy Hour tomorrow at 1730 at Oatmeal’s. Check the details and RSVP