College Gameday is Back!


Draper Island Time Oatmeal Chairman Mao Teasip Sally joined YHC for #gameday

Thunderlips joined Sally for the EC run then had to head home to be with the kids before they woke up

After calling me out for not having “My Truck” in the ESPN College Gameday playlist, Chairman shows up after the warmup and mostly through My Truck (which was a last minute edition because I’m not going to get called out and not deliver)…the PAX were a lil pissed at the Chairman because for the song I had us doing grassers for the duration and dropping every time they said “truck” it was a lot of burpees.

After My Truck we played Stingray Sling, where you throw the football and sprint after it while it’s in the air and then lunge to it after it hits the ground, all the PAX got a turn and there was a lot of name calling for some of us not having the greatest arms

Then we moseyed back to the PlayStation where I had the rest of the games and we rolled a lot of foam workout dice, 2 PAX would roll and then play Rock Paper Scissors and the PAX would do whatever workout was on the winner’s die. There were a lot of burpees, jump squats, and merkins

After Die O Rama we tried what I’m calling F3 Oklahoma, where the PAX lined up against each other 10 yards apart and put a football in the middle, we rolled a die to choose our exercise that we had to do before racing after the ball, we rolled 20 burpees and Teasip kicked our butts, then we tried it where we lined up in one line and put the ball 10 yards out and rolled again, this time it was 15 calf raises followed by picking up the ball and running to the end of the park and back, Teasip again crushed us

Quick mosey back to the PlayStation for Dora Die, we rolled the die 4 times and drew 15 jump lunges, 15 calf raises, 15 burpees, and 15 jump squats. PAX had to do one of the exercises, do a lap around the park, move on to the next exercise, etc. Dora is harder when it’s solo

Then we had some halftime arms brought to you by Mrs Icebox, lil baby arm circles forward and backward until the PAX dropped their arms, but it was a nice break from the running

Next up we threw out both die and chased after them, the first 3 to get to the blue die did those exercises (which have fewer reps) and the rest had to do the green exercises which had more reps

Then back to the PlayStation where we grabbed the 2
basketballs and played the longest, worst game of knockout of all time, but it was still fun, Teasip won again and we did a lot of burpees, IST’s, and Freddy mercuries while we waited to shoot, missed shots, and waited for the game to end

Grand finale was some 3 on 3 2 hand touch football with a rotating QB, after a couple quick scores the pace of play went from Big 12 to PAC 12 and became an. Incompletion fest, monthly because the ball got wet and the traction on the turf was nonexistent. Oatmeal was the undisputed QB1 and all agreed we were glad Rump Roast wasn’t the all time QB this round

Had a few minutes to spare and did some rugby and big boy sit ups

Thanks to all who came out and played games this AM, maybe one of these days AlrightAlright will stop protesting fun and come out to a #gameday

Announcements: keep an eye out on band for Monday’s workout

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