Dropping LBs at Germany

PAX: Cougar Bait, D-Fib, Pop Up (Willy Loman from Bellevue), Rump Roast, Slushii, Sound Machine
QIC: Teasip

AO: Germany

SSH x15, IST x15, Vegetable Pickers x10

Split into 3 groups. Group 1 does 5 pull ups, then goes to relieve group 2 who is doing AMRAP Squats. Group 2 then relieves group 3 who is doing AMRAP Rugby sit ups, and group 3 goes to do pull ups. 3 rounds.

Mosey to the track and do a lap. Dirty McDeuce (3 rounds of 12 reps of the following: Irkins, Step Ups, Derkins, Dips) with running across the football field and back in between each set. 

Do an LB’s lap: Lunge walk 100 M, Backwards Run 100M, Bear Crawl 100M, Burpee Broad Jump 100M

Mosey to the tennis court for Bolt 45’s, then some Mary

LBC x20, Low Dolly x15, Flutter kicks x10, Freddie Mercury x15

YHC prayed us out.

YHC went across the tracks to the West Side to Q at Germany and complete the first part of his #icicle. The first guy to show up was Pop Up, who got the name in St. Louis since he said he liked to read and the PAX assumed he read pop up books. Loved having him. Lives in Bellevue, but is here now with his wife since they had a kid a few months ago, her family lives here, and he can work remotely. Will be curious to see if it takes others (*cough* Ultra *cough*) three months to post after having a baby.

No Bleep this morning, which Slushii mentioned his text to Bleep in the morning was green and not iMessage blue so maybe his phone didn’t charge? Slushii debated knocking on his door, but decided not to. Rump was kind enough to keep the caravan going by letting Slushii still chauffeur him to the workout this morning.

YHC has decided that Sex Panther meant he would skip 200 workouts instead of attend 200 when he posted his goal of 200 for the year, so he is on a good pace for that.

Had some airplane talk during the warmup, including Sound Machine recounting a flight where he was asked to grab a ladies leg if the plane were to crash, and Rump remembering a time when a fellow passenger got a garbage bag for a barf bag. Otherwise, not a lot of mumblechatter during the workout, though got a few choice words from Rump doing the last part of the McDeuce and during the LBs lap.

1. 4x4x24 CSAUP Feb 5-6
2. Grow Ruck in April