Elf on a Shelf

AlrightAlright Sally Ina Draper Rump Roast Hostage (Willy Loman from Houston) Thunderlips Flinstone (FNG) joined YHC for a rainy beatdown at the Burleson Park garage

Disclaimer: given twice as Flinstone showed up after I gave it the first time and wanted to make it clear to the FNG that I’m neither a professional nor liable

The thang:

AlrightAlright doesn’t know how to take it easy so I made up a workout that would keep him from running, Rump Roast was a good sport and volunteered to take the day off from running so that he and AA could be our elves on the shelves.

AA and Rump started on the first and top floor of the parking deck respectively, both wearing ruck vests and holding onto an exercise dice. The PAX ran up and down the garage ramps to AA and Rump to have them roll the die and have all PAX complete. Exercises included planks, one arm planks, jump lunges, jump squats, burpees, and Ina’s favorite, the wall sit. Eventually AA and Rump ended up getting on the same level and moved together and when the PAX caught the elves they both rolled dice.

Not explaining it all that well but my watch had me at over 3 miles and 800 calories burned, so it was a half way decent beatdown.

Announcements: Hostage from Houston is organizing a mission trip for F3 Texas men, will be sharing info soon

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