Mutt Ruck Monday w/ Rump & Co.

Coach K

Rump Roast

Around 50

Flag Pole Hill Park


Warm -O- Rama:
20x IST (DC/IC)
20x SSH (DC/IC)
20x Lil Baby Arm Circles FWD (DC/IC)
20x Lil Baby Arm Circles BKWRD (DC/IC)
20x Overhead Claps (DC/IC) – It was about here when Drapper decided to cut out
20x Seal Claps (DC/IC)
20x Morrocan Nightclubs (DC/IC) – It was about here Sex Panter decided he was running TOO!

Pick up Ruck
Ruck Curl x20 (OYO, SC)
Ruck Man Makers x20 (OYO, SC)
Ruck Shoulder Shrugs x20 (OYO, SC)
Ruck Bear Hug Squats x20 (OYO, SC)
Rucks On, Ruck to the bottom of the hill
Prisoner Get-Ups x10 (OYO, SC)
Ruck-On Burpee’s x10 (OYO, SC)
Ruck-On Mountain Climbers x20 (OYO, DC)
Rucks off – Run – Exercise WITH Ruck:
Run Bridge and back x5 Big Boi Situp’s w/ruck on chest (OYO, SC)
Run Bridge and back x10 Deep Squats w/ruck overhead (OYO, SC)
Run Bridge and back x15 Lunges w/ruck (OYO, DC)
Run Bridge and back x20 Burpee press w/ruck (OYO, SC)
Ruck back on, ruck shuffle back to the top of the hill.
Circle of Trust:
YHC prayed us out.
I wanted to bring something to MRM that in my experience hadn’t been done.  More of a beat down than a ruck really, but using the rucks to solidify the kick-assery of this beatdown. Honestly, it was Icebox’s “elf on a shelf” that gave me the idea of doing more with the ruck on. Anyway, YHC stayed up hella late jacked up on Starbucks putting together a “war” playlist (again, a nod to my man DJ Icebox) to get us in the zone. I get there on time first to realize my speaker has 10%, Coach K is the only other one wearing a ruck… 
By the time we lost Drapper and SP, and FOR SURE when we got to those man makers we knew this wasn’t a joke. Rucking down the hill The speaker played out before the 1st song came to an end. Coach K and I got to catch up some and talk about not talking.  Keeping it 100, Coach K, donned his ruck entire Tha-Thing. By the end, the man makers from the top of the hill had me feeling my age and I had to Omaha to Burpee’s on the last round. We made it to the top of the hill to SP waiting for us, we were jut a minute early and by the time we took off our rucks it was 0615. Need to tweak it some, but I would say it was a pretty solid workout! 
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