F3 Dallas Avengers

AO: Glencoe Park

16 million times less than Avengers opening wkd
Side Straddle Hops IC x15
Sixty Second Arm Circles IC x15 – T-plank R arm circles, LBCs, T-plank L acs, merkins

Mosey to the playground
Black Widow – Squats x20
Hawkeye – Pullups x 20

Mosey to tennis courts
Iron Hulk – 1:4 merkins to air press x10 merkins
Spiderman Crawl across tennis court
Captain Thor – 1:4 bbs to American Hammer x10 bbs
Merkin Dans back across tennis court

Mosey to benches
Steve Rogers Transformation – 4x4s x10
Ironman Boost – box jumps x20
Star-Lord – Glute Bridge IC x20

Spirit across field and back x2

Pickle Pounder IC 15
Flutter Kicks IC 15
LBFCs IC x12 (ignore number of time your flutters you get focus on crunch)

PAX: AlrightAlright, Aaarrrggghhh, Teasip, Coach K, Hippy, Eruzione, Ma Bell, Hacker
QIC: F150

YHC has been reading through Matthew 8 over the last few days. While our workout was focused on “super heros”, Jesus does some awesome healings here in this chapter. One interesting moment in this chapter when Jesus goes into the home of Peter and heals his mother-in-law. Jesus lifted a room when He entered a room, we as men are to do the same when we enter a room.

Am I a life giver or do people shutter when I come into a room. Strive to be a life giver everywhere we go.

This gloom was themed for the newest Avengers movie that broke box office records at $250 million this past weekend it’s opening weekend. As is our goal we start on time and end on time… So we circled up to do warm up as AlrightAlright came running up with the shovel flag. Unintentionally planting the shovel flag Became almost another warm up exercise. Hacker said the last time that he was at a work out where they were on able to plant the flag was when it was below zero. Attempts were made to plant several times within the circle, a conversation was had about planting it in the playground wood chips, the flag ended up planted loosely up against a tree.

There were comments about the Avengers that YHC had choosen…Iron Hulk? Isn’t that two of the Avengers and the question was asked “Did Pepper put you up to this?” Then there was questioning about how YHC was doing American Hammers with heels on the ground…but hey modify as needed. As our workout continued YHC decided that we needed to see some pickle pounders during our MARY time…“but it’s not valentines?!?!” Over all the morning was great as we worked through our Avengers themed workout.

We had two travelers visiting from out of state: Ma Bell & Hacker.

1.2ndF Happy hour May 11
2.2ndF Scotch Club May 17
3.GrowRuck Memphis Sept 21-23

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