Icebox’s Hit Snooze Beatdown

AaarrrggghhhAlrightAlright, Teasip, Oatmeal, Special Sauce, & Icebox

for a hit the snooze beatdown at Burleson

Deconstructed burpees (10 squats, 10 leg thrusts, 10 merkins…run a half lap around the park…countdown to 1)

ABC’s (spell alphabet with legs in flutter position)


Bat Wings (forward, backward, seal claps, 20 each)

Outlaws (legs in flutter position, 20 reps to the right, 20 to the left)


Then we went into a PAX calls it ring of fire doing a minute straight of the following exercises (apologies but I’m going to leave some out because I forgot all of them)

Side lunge
Overhead clap
Elbow plank
Yeah thrusts
Reverse crunch
T merkins
Scorpion docks
Yeah thrusts
Rugby sit-ups
Inch worms

Mumblechatter was a 5/10 today, apparently Wake Forest has a football team and they played a game yesterday early because of the hurricane.

Teasip appropriately picked the theme that we were rocking out to Ice Cube’s greatest hits. The reason for the set list is that Ice Boxes make ice cubes and Bri and I are expecting our ice cube in March! Looking forward to rocking a dad bod and carrying a baby/puppy combo ruk sack soon.

Happy hour tonight, beat down tomorrow!