Jacob’s Ladder to Hell

DATE: 4/20/19

PAX: Coach Knight (FNG), Coach K, Icebox, Podcast, Sally, Gold Digger, Chairman Mao, Ina, Teasip, Sex Panther, Plus One, Pepper, Rump Roast, Pow Pow, Mile High
QIC: Alriht Alright

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x25

IST x15

Carolina Dry Docks x10

Monkey Humpers x5

Fast Mosey to Parking Garage – Plank Jacks while waiting for the six

Jacob’s Ladder: run to the top of the garage, 7:1 nipplers, run to the bottom, 1:7 Bonnie Blairs

Pick up the six, flutter kicks, plank jacks, mountain climbers and plankorama

Irkins x10

Derkins x5

Mosey to Park

Team BLIMPS: Partner 1 runs, partner 2 does exercise, flapjack and repeato (50 Burpees, 100 Lunges, 150 Imperial Storm Troopers, 200 Merkins, 250 Plank Jacks, 300 Squats) – no team made it past merkins, Sally/Coach Knight and Podcast/Icebox were closest.

Burpees x10

Plenty if you ran to the front of the group

YHC prayed a thankful Easter prayer.

Coach K brought his dad, also Brian, to the beatdown today.  We naturally named him Coach Knight because Bobby Knight was Mike Krzyzewski’s mentor.

We said farewell to Mile High yesterday and wish him the best as he and his family move to Aberdeen, Mississippi this week. Mile High has always been thinking about the best way to grow F3 Dallas and to impact the PAX and the community. He is truly a #HIM and he will be greatly missed.

Not much mumblechatter today as the PAX got pretty spread out during the Jacob’s Ladder, but the PAX were constantly encouraging each other as they ran past each other in the garage.  They were also supportive in picking up the six. To keep PAX of all fitness levels #accelerating we need workouts like this, but if the group spreads out the guys at the front have to pick up the six. Everyone gets stronger in that situation.

A massive group went to breakfast at the greatest #coffeteria AO in F3 Nation, Bubba’s.  We sat outside in the sun and enjoyed some great #SecondF.  We discussed workouts, golf, The Ticket, California vs. Texas, Sally’s job search, Pepper’s job search, and countless other topics.

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