Kyrie Irving Ankle Breaker

PAX: AlrightAlright, Icebox, Mile High, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Sally, Strangler (Nashville)
QIC: Coach K

AO: Flag Pole Hill

Mumblechatter…might have lost track of time

Walking, limping, walking some more

Camp Gladiator decided to park in our spots, so we were immediately off to a rough start. Apparently they can’t walk up the hill for their yoga sessions and PAX weren’t too apprecicative of it. YHC tried to jump on the “dissing Camp Gladiator” bandwagon but was quickly shut down and so back to silence YHC went. Icebox tried to be supportive of the talkative (albeit extremely cranky) Q but to no avail.

We started on our march and about .5 miles in, Oatmeal got clipped by a speeding car, which caused him to roll off into the ditch bending his ankle every which way. Not quite that dramatic, but Oatmeal did take a nasty fall. We started rucking back towards the car before AA took off to get a truck (without dropping his weight sack – art of manliness right there).

Once we got Oatmeal situated, the PAX continued their trek where some mistakes in routing were made. We grossly underestimated the distance we could ruck under the time constraints resulting in PAX showing up late to meet up with a legitimately concerned Ina.

Conversation predominately covered the CSAUP event in March, the details of which will be summarized later. You definitely won’t want to miss this. The other hot topic was, per usual, YHC’s level of grumpiness. As Splash would say, YHC needs to find a girlfriend. With any luck, the spark made with a girl in the chip aisle at Kroger pre-Cowboys game on Saturday will ignite something (#backblast for Teasip per request).

Pray for Oatmeal and for a quick recovery. Hope it felt worse than it actually was, and power to him for walking an extra quarter mile with a weight vest.

1. CSAUP event planning in the works; 03/02 Texas Independence Day
2. Run Ranger Run sign ups
3. Q source groups meet Wednesday night and Friday at lunch (see preblasts)