Light Up the Gloom

AO: Glencoe Park #glencoefosho
I am not a professional. You are participating at your own risk, and you are assuming the risk of injury. You are responsible for your own well-being; you could get injured (dark, uneven ground). You are 18 or older, here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here. Know your limits and do the best you can. Modify exercises as needed. Everything we say is a suggestion. Stop exercising if needed at your own discretion. By working out with us today, it is assumed that you have read the disclaimer and notice on the website and accept the risks associated with working out here today. ( Does anyone have any questions or objections?

    Seal Claps IC x15
    Annie’s IC x15
    Cotton Pickers IC x15
    Windmills IC x15
    Mountain Climbers IC x15

Grab Coupons and Mosey to football field

Light up the Gloom (Mosey to each glow stick and do exercise)
    1 – 10 Lt Dans (1:4; 2:8, 3:12, so forth…)
    2 – 15 Ballerina Squats
    3 – 20 Monkey Squats (plank, jump legs to hands, back to plank)
    4 – 25 Merkins

    50 Merkins (left hand off coupon, then right hand off coupon = 1)
    100 Overhead press with coupon
    150 Tricep extension with coupon
Partner runs to last glow stick and does 10 burpees, 10 side lunges, 10 OYO

    3 Min LBC
    3 Min Box Cutters

    PAX: Coach K
    QIC: F150

F150 shared Isaiah 33:15 (some 16) He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly who despises the gain of oppressors, who shakes his hands least they hold a bribe…he will dwell on the heights…” His challenge was that we as men are to live differently than others causing them to ask why? Whether it is in our daily work or because of F3 we are to be different. Be men that walk in integrity…Who are you when no one is looking? F150 prayed out. 

Such wonderful weather and yet so many men in the fartsack. F150 thougth for a brief minute that he would have to go through his own beatdown alone, but Coach K pulled through and joined him. Great morning to workout and fellowship.

1. Next happy hour is April 13
2. April 13 Blackops at Norbuck Park in Lake Highlands.