Where all the PAX at

AO: Katy Trail

SSH x15
Hillbillies x15
Monkey humpers x15
Calf raises x20

Mosey to trail with karaoke en route

6 burpees
Carolina dry docks x10
Overhead claps x20
QM – scout run (mosey pace while PAX in the lead sprints ahead 30 steps then sprints back to the back of the line)
Alabama prom dates x20
Dancing bears (sic ’em) in cadence x10 (start on all fours in bear crawl position, 1-lift right arm and left leg to uncomfortable height, 2-return, 3-opposite arm/leg, 4-return)
Calf raises x25
QM – first half was speed skaters/dutch skate in a line, second half was regular run
Pickle pounders x20
Calf raises x19 because YHC fell off the platform
CDD x10
OHC x20
6 burpees OYO

Meander half way back because YHC’s legs were toast, mosey the second half back

Mary was delayed due to the pre-beatdown #Chippendale of AlrightAlright and Eli and concerns over bare backs on concrete. YHC was gracious in his waiting.
Hello Dollies x10
LBC x10

PAX: AlrightAlright, Pepper, Eli
QIC: Oo-De-Lally

AlrightAlrightgave the PAX permission to not touch his back, which was appreciated. You coulda laid sod back there. YHC prayed us out and expressed thanks for the men of F3 and how they push him and all the rest of the crew to get better and be better.

Seems as though Pepper did a number on the collective yesterday as we had a low turnout this morning. That or YHC’s previous #katytrailthursday gave them a run for their money, though my money is on the former. Despite warnings given by Pepper no merlot was splashed after he consumed a sleeve of Chips Ahoy last night. The usual burpee grumbling. Speed/dutch skates were supposed to last a full QM but an #Omaha was necessary. When describing the start position for CDD the phrase “face down butt* up” was used but was not taken farther than this. The scout run seemed to be a hit. Pretty sure an elderly woman heard a bit more than she wanted to while AlrightAlright was explaining a pickle pounder to Eli.

1. 3rdF on Saturday – Second Saturday – June 9th – Chairman Mao is your Q for this event.
2. 2ndF Happy Hour – Friday – Pepper is the Q, Ozona’s at 5 pm, M’s are invited and encouraged to attend.
3. F3 Gear Q Coach K – Artistic PAX should submit F3 Dallas logo designs him. Be on the lookout for a poll with designs in the coming weeks.
4. GoRuck conversations on BAND about this fall.
5. Lake Highlands PM workouts coming soon.