November 16, 2020 – Westside Bootcamp – Germany Park

PAX: Classified, Dfib, Double Pane, Slushii
QIC: sound machine

AO: Germany Park


10x SSH 
10x Hillbillies 
10x Windmills 
10x Toe touches 
12x Produce pickers


Back to the 80s – Part 1
80 of each exercise
    ->Working our way up the body 
    40 of the first exercise on one end of the field; run to other end
    40 of the second exercise and return (Repeato)
Bonnie Blairs X 40 and run to other end of field
    Wojo Squats X 40 and return
    (slap the pavement when you squat)
LBCs X 40 and run to other end of field
    Plank X 40 (count to 40 s-l-o-w-l-y) and return
Merkins X 40 and run to other end of field
    Alternating Shoulder Taps x 40 and return
Moroccan Nightclub X 40 and run to other end of field
     Unweighted Shoulder Presses x 40 and return
Back to the 80s – Part 2 (because the 80s gave us the sequel)
    ->Working our way down the body 
    All as suicide for 3 intervals (27 + 27 + 26 = 80)
Bearcrawl and return for 
    Burpees x 27/27/26
Crabwalk and return 
    Curls x 27/27/26
Dragonwalk and return 
    *Peter-parrker except you’re moving forward
    Deadlifts x 27/27/26
    (Dragonwalk cut for time)
Murderbunnies and return
    Monkey Humpers x 27/27/26
Cusack* and return for
    *carrying a CMU overhead (a la Say Anything)
    Overhead Press x 27/27/26


20x WWI (Bigboy) Situps 
20x Boxcutterrs 

sound machine offered a prayer


The PAX enjoyed a fine morning of cool air and camaraderie. Mother Nature was kind enough to ensure the field was both cold and damp. The PAX was spread out for most exercises, keeping chatter to the minimum apart from recognition of who had gloves and who didn’t; who had waterproofing and who didn’t. (YHC recommends REI given the selection and generous return policy.) There was, however, a fair bit of singing along to some of our favorite selections from the 80s with the Beastie Boys being a particular standout. PAX did pioneer (or revisit) some lesser-used exercises including the Moroccan Nightclub and Cusack (which we performed, appropriately, to Peter Gabriel’s, “In Your Eyes”). Sadly, the Dragonwalk was cut for time. 

1. F3 Anniversary
2. Reminder to add information to the emergency contact sheet