Preblast for week of 3/18/18

This NCAA tournament has been full of upsets and unexpected turns. (Lets be honest…if anyone says that their bracket is still intact they are a liar.) This can only mean that this week’s beatdowns (aka workouts) and weather will be just as unpredictable. With Spring upon us, let’s make this week another week we break our attendance record, previously set at 65. EH those men you know have been waiting for the warmer weather and let’s see DDM (Double Digit Midgets: A workout at which 10 or more PAX Post – see the Lexicon for more words) SYITG!

Weekly QSource:
If you’re looking for material for your COT, check out this week’s QSource on MAMMON, the sustaining relationship between a man and his work, and follow @F3QSource on twitter.

Bootcamp Workout, Glencoe Park AO (Eastside playground)
5:30-6:15 AM
Q: Coach K

Bootcamp Workout, Caruth Park AO (Parking lot)
5:45-6:30 AM
Q: Splash

Running Workout W/ Pain Stations, Katy Trail AO (La Madeline)
5:30-6:15 AM
Q: Ant Man

Bootcamp Workout, TBA Wednesday Night (TBA)
5:30-6:15 AM
Q: F150

Bootcamp Workout, Burleson Park AO (Park on Southside)
7:00-8:00 AM
Q: Eruzione

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