Q of the YEAR Rd 1 Beatdown 1

PAX: Teasip, AlrightAlright, F150, Oatmeal, Chairman Mao, Belk Bowl
QIC: Icebox & Special Sauce

AO: Glencoe Park


Tim McGraw ft Nelly, Over and Over – SSH + burp-ups with “over and over” (21)

TI, Bring em Out- flutter kicks + LBC’s with “bring em out” (68)

Crazy Town, Butterfly- back plank + dip with “come” (48)

Big Sean, Moves – star skaters + Bobby Hurley with “moves” (41)

Empire Cast, Boom Boom Boom Boom- Penguin crunch + yeah thrusts with “Boom” (100)

Schoolboy Q, Man of the Year- plank jacks + merkins with “man” (44)

Special Sauce:
Mosey over to the tennis courts for “20 minutes of mayhem.” The goal here was to be continually moving for the entire 20 minutes.  There would be no dedicated recovery time or “10 counts”, only active recovery. 
The Thang (with an 80’s rock playlist serenading in the background)
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers (Knee to Elbow)
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers (Knee to Elbow)
Each Pax Started at one of the corners of the tennis service boxes for bearcrawls and Merkins (rotating clockwise)
Merkins x 5, bc to next corner, Wide Merkins x 5, bc to next corner, Close grip Merkins x 5, bc to next corner, Carolina dry dock x 5, bc back to starting corner
IC Freddie Mercury x10
Rinse and Repeat
Back to the doubles lines for Gorilla Hops (Mix of a squat / broadjump….had to be there).  Width of both tennis courts was 1 rep.
Gorilla Hop x 1
Plank 10 Seconds
Gorilla Hop x 1
IC 10 Leg lifts
Lunges x 1
Plank 10 Seconds
Gorilla Hop x 1
Jacobs Ladder – Forward Run & Backpedal Width of both Courts with Burpees and Squats (1/4, 2/3, 3/2, 4/1)
Line up on center line of tennis court for Side Shuffle Shuttle Run (Doubles / Doubles / Single / Single) x 4
Line back up at a corner of the service area for 2 more rounds of bear crawls and merkins. 



Great showing today, despite the cold temps.  If really didn’t feel that cold once we got moving.  Icebox set the bar high with another solid playlist workout, and the PAX had a tough time with the final vote.  Perhaps an upgrade to his speaker will allow him to bring him the title of QOTY next year (I’ll drop a Christmas hint to his M).  Great to see @ back out on a Tuesday, he just couldn’t miss out on a PNC showdown.  Queen made another appearance on a playlist today, AlrightAlright still is not a fan and likes to make it be known.  Great job by everyone today, lets have a strong showing again tomorrow for AA vs Spread.
YHC Prayed us out

DJ icebox playlist:

1. Rd 1 Beatdown 2 in the Gloom with AlrightAlright and Spread at Caruth Park 0545.