Santa Fe Trail/Hill

#backblast 5/21/20

AlrightAlright and Oatmeal joined YHC for a Sante Fe Trail/Hill beat down

Here’s the thang:

Warmup with SSH’s, IST’s, and daisy pickers

Mosey’d to the Sante Fe Trailhead at Lindsley Park
Ran 1/2 mile east to the Grand Ave bridge
Jacobs ladder up the grassy knoll to Grand Ave, monkey humpers and IST’s
Ran another 1/2 mile east (downgraded slope)
15 overhead presses (so I could catch my breath)
Ran 1/2 west (upward slope)
Jacobs ladder up the other side of the hill, squats and overhead claps
Ran 1/2 mile west back to the Lindsley Park trailhead
Mosey to the park
10 irkins/10 dirkin’s, 3X
Mary with rosalita’s, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s, and plank

Small crowd today, maybe PAX were intimidated by the word “hill” in the preblast

Oatmeal and AlrightAlright pushed me real good today, while I was “leading” I would not have been able to get through the second round of Jacob’s Ladder if it weren’t for them, I was sucking wind pretty good

Quads are going to hurt tomorrow, hope the next couple days aren’t #legdays

Great morning to be out, look forward to seeing y’all soon!

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