The Last Dance (Beatdown?)

#backblast  5/19/20

AlrightAlright Teasip Amelia PowPow F150 Sex Panther Rump Roast and Shifty McCoy joined YHC for a Last Dance themed beatdown, here’s the thang

Warmed up to the Bulls pregame intro song, SSH and IST’s (23 of each)

First 3 Peat:
Go “DJ” – hold overhead, press with “DJ” (45)

House “Party” – hold goblet squat, curl “party” (75)

“Burn” up the dance – Freddy Mercury’s while holding coupon, bench press with “burn” (76)

Second 3 Peat

PAX ran a lap around the park, spread out start time by 10 seconds each, while waiting to run and while PAX completed the run completed sets of BLIMPS (burpee, lunge, IST, merkin, plank jack, and squat

Did lap/BLIMP combo two more times

Finished with a ring of fire, hold legs 6 inches + flutter kick, went to 91

PAX was welcomed this AM with me rocking my “real men wear red” Bulls tank,
Morning observations:
Rump Roast didn’t know what the Last Dance was, contemplating our friendship, Teasip is real close to hiring me as his wedding DJ after throwing these hits out, PowPow has the sweetest quarantine beard I’ve seen so far, AlrightAlright still has a Starbucky tailbone

Per Pow’s post, I’m leading again this Thursday at Lindsley Park, will be hitting up the Sante Fe Trail and a hill I found