Stars & Stripes

AO: Burelson Park

SSH X 20
ISS X 20
High Kicks
High Knees
Butt Kicks
IT Stretch
Inch Worms
50 Yard Runs (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

Tennis courts were occupied so we mosey to fountain

Partner Wheelbarrow Walks
Holding Right Leg Only ½ then switch to holding left leg only for other half
Both legs held on the way back.
Each partner X2

Mosey across the street for Stars and Stripes
Stripes = Run down to the far end of the walk way and back (Roughly 100yds each way)
Stars = Star Burpeess, Jack Merkins, American Hammers, WWsitups
Partners combined to run 13 stripes and 50 of each Star exercise.

Irkins, Dirkins & Dips
2 Sets IC – 10/5

Mosey over to the wrong set of stairs, but nonetheless we found some stairs.
Single Legs Stair Jumps X 10/leg – Rinse and repeat 5x per leg

Alternating Bench Planks – 20×2 IC

Mosey Back to Soft Top

Hanging Knee Tucks 3×10, Planks in between sets
60 seconds of rotating flutter kicks to get us to 0800

PAX: Podcast, Oo-De-Lally, AlrightAlright, Teasip, Pepper, Coach K, Sir-Mix-A lot
QIC: Special Sauce

Special Sauce prayed us out. Thankful for 🇺🇸 and our freedom, safe holiday week for everyone.

The 13 down and back stripes ended up being way more difficult than anticipated. PAQ agreed if it were to be repeated again, each length of the run should count as one stripe. Had some great Remember the Titans movie quotes going during the “stars” portion. Thanks to AlrightAlright for misguiding us when looking for a set of stairs, should’ve listened to Teasip . Pepper was not a fan of the rotating flutter kicks, he appreciates the purity of the standard flutter.