The Giving Season

PAX: Coach K, Island Time, Oatmeal, Sex Panther
QIC: PowPow

AO: Glencoe Park – Friday, December 6, 2019


SSH x 15

Q selects one of the PAX, and asks them to recite one of the five core principles. – If the PAX provides the correct answer, he “wins” 12 burpees which he must give away to his brothers. Because as we all know, it is better to give than to receive. If the PAX does not provide the correct answer, he cannot give the burpees away, he has to keep them.

IST x 15

Repeato quiz on one of the five core principles (different PAX) – 11 burpees to give away

Windmills x 10

Repeato quiz on core principles – 10 burpees to give away

Indian run to bridge then partner up.

Partner carry to far side of bridge and back. Stopping for burpees (20 per team per stop) at four stations: (1) top of bridge, (2) far side, (3) top on the way back and (40 back at the start/finish. So each team performs 80 burpees total.

[Quiz – “There are two elements to F3’s mission. The first is WHAT we do, the second is WHY we do it. What is the first element of the mission, the WHAT we do in F3?]  9 burpees to give away / PAX hold plank

As a group – Sprint to top – Ski Abs OYO x 10 – Sprint to far side – Repeato Exercise – Sprint back to top – Repeato Exercise – Sprint back to start – Repeato Exercise

[Quiz – Recite one of the 5 core principles that hasn’t been done yet] – 8 burpees to give away / PAX hold plank

Partner up again – Run to far side and back. Stopping for merkins (30 per team per stop) at the four stations.

[Quiz – “What is the second element of F3’s mission? The WHY.]  7 burpees to give away / PAX hold plank

Mosey back to Glencoe Park

[Quiz – What is the last of the core principles that hasn’t been said yet?] – 6 burpees to give away / PAX hold plank

MARY: Ran out of time

YHC explained the inspiration for the workout was that it is “Giving Season” and the phrase “It is better to give than to receive”. Tried to emphasize how important it is to #giveitaway regarding F3 and all other aspects of life.

Oatmeal and YHC consumed a number of drinks together the night before the workout at a function for a school charitable organization (our M’s are both board members). YHC was feeling pretty good in the minutes before the workout started (this was not to last), but this must be chalked up to the energizing effect of leading a workout. Was happy to see Oatmeal pull up since he certainly had a decent reason to fartsack.

At first it was looking to be a four man, Big 4 vs Big 4 workout, with Coach K and YHC repping OI’ Uncle Ernie (EY) and Oatmeal and Island Time showing up for everyone’s favorite four-letter firm (KPMG). However, Sex Panther showed up just in time to “ruin” this (barely) exciting prospect.

PAX giving incorrect quiz answers will not be named here, but YHC hopes each PAX learned something about the core principles and mission of F3. Being able to recite them is the start, but continually working to understand their meaning is critical.  When burpees were being given out by a PAX who provided the correct answer, right away they were divided among the other PAX and completing the burpees became a communal, team effort.  Very fitting for this workout.

A guy on a scooter going past on the bridge tried to talk us into a free workout at nearby 9 Round kickboxing gym. Kind of a “Rolling reverse-EH”, but he had no takers among our PAX and SP yelled back that he should instead join us.

This backblast has gone on too long, thanks for reading if you made it this far.


  1. Martin Family Jingle and Mingle on Saturday, December 14
  2. Dallas Marathon Relay on Sunday, December 15
  3. F3 Holiday Party on Sunday December 15 at 2pm– RSVP now and send your $25 per person to Sweet Baby by Venmo!