Tickle My What?

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Bleep, Jiminy, Sally, Sex Panther, Slushii, Special Sauce, Teasip, Ultra
QIC: Coach K
AO: Cole Park
Mileage: 3.5 (5 if you’re Sally/YHC)

SSH x20; IST x15
Short lap around Cole Park

Tha Thang:
Paint-the-Lines; run a lap
Alligator Merkins; lap
Nipplers; lap
Irkens; lap
Carolina Drydocks; lap


Threw in a Native American run at one point. Waiting PAX had to run suicides while waiting for the six or do burpees as punishment.

Sally was the only PAX man enough to endure an extra run this morning (down Travis, loop back up the Katy Trail). Good to have him back out “almost as good as new” (his words). Aaarrrggghhh sent a warning text about rolling in late, but he interestingly enough beat Sally and YHC back from the run before the workout started. Not sure how many laws were broken in Uptown this morning, but YHC is guessing quite a few. Ain’t illegal ‘les you get caught. By 0532 we were all disappointed to realize that Rump Roast and Shifty would not be joining us.

YHC disclaimed the workout, nothing too fancy here before taking off on our first lap to show the fellas the way. We rallied back at the tennis courts, and YHC explained the rules for today: if you finish the run early you do suicides until the six is in or punishment burpees. Goal was to keep moving the entire morning limiting breathing/recovery time. We ultimately did zero burpees, which Teasip lauded YHC for. Such a rare treat from YHC, must’ve been the whiskey.

We did a quick PTL during which YHC lost a shoe. Teasip noticed a rapid recovery by YHC to remove the shoe flawlessly and jokes were had about YHC’s ability to undress so quickly. It bodes well for me that speed impresses people. We ran another lap. Then did some merkins…and a lap. Then some nipplers…and a lap. Almost felt like a KTT.

After the Irkens, Teasip and his inquisitive mind tried to pick up on the theme. Him and Sauce tried to come up with words for “A NI…”. YHC casually mentioned they forgot a letter and YHC believe “PANTIES” was the first suggestion after that. It was after this lap, or soon thereafter we got our inaugural Chippendale of 2020 from Teasip showing off the wedding bod. Someone threw out something about staying in the lights of the tennis court complimenting each other while in a circle, which Slushii and YHC agreed was descriptive of a circle jerk. We took off on our run not looking back – no one needed to be a part of what was going on back there.

We finished the Carolina drydocks, and Sauce and Teasip finally caught on to the word Panic and immediately yelled out “Panic! At the Disco”. Great band, Brendon Urie still going strong. Though that wasn’t the theme.  

As if a circle jerk wasn’t “friendly” enough, the phrase “whatever tickles your fancy” was thrown out to which someone offered to “tickle YHC’s fancy”. A motif that would acme at “milking the prostate” by the end of the workout. Very affectionate group this morning as at one point someone offered a hug to YHC in response to “circle up near me”. Must’ve been something in the air, or YHC’s mood was really something new.

Some ribbing of Ultra and Jiminy to push them harder didn’t seem to be working, so we threw in a ½ mile Native American run at the end of which Jiminy and Ultra got into a sprint to finish first between them. After proving they could sprint, YHC really dug into them on the rest of the runs. We did suicides instead of a run for another round during which the “tickle your fancy” fiasco ensued. YHC did not give clear and verbal consent, nor did any other PAX to my knowledge. YHC heard the word “butthole” out of context. Not sure what was going on there, but it was a conversation that was had.

We wrapped up with an AYG lap resulting in us ending a minute over time for which YHC apologizes. Gave a quick debrief about pushing ourselves and each other and keeping up the momentum going into the TID18K this weekend. Hopefully this morning was a good balance of “pushy” Coach K without veering into the crankiness territory. YHC thinks he towed that line pretty well, but open to dissenting opinions. Thanks again for putting up with a little extra pressure this morning. We all got better because of it covering close to 3.5 miles by most people’s watches.

Aaarrrggghhh asked what time the drinking was starting on Saturday for the CSAUP, to which YHC responded that YHC was doing a shot of whiskey every hour during the event. PAX were supportive of the idea thinking it would keep my happy, and apparently everyone wins with a happy Coach K. Jiminy gave us a half-Chippendale during the COT as we went about our merry Mondays.