VQ of the Year Round 1.2: Classified vs. Bleep

Classified vs. Bleep This was another great competition that showed off the value of a Co-Q. Classified won the vote, but all in attendance won the day.

Classified: Go Vote Ballot Box Suicides Gorilla Squats X 15 & 7 (0 yd) Overhead Press X 15 & 7 (20 yd) Vertical Press X 15 & 7 (40 yd) Oblique Lunges X 16 & 8 (60 yd) Tricep Extensions X 15 & 7 (80 yd) Election Merkins X 15 & 7 (100 yd)

Bleep: Prisoner Indian Run Russian Roulette Sugar Cookies: 25 Prone Cobras & 25 Hand Release Merkins Al Gore – hugging big tree while in squat position 5 Minutes of Popcorn Mary Pray us out I pray for this country and for all of our citizens and future citizens. I worry about all of the taxation and insurmountable debit that our children, grand children and great grandchildren will be faced with. Our country was founded on a pioneering drive and determination and an entrepreneurial spirit rivaled by no other. This country doesn’t owe anyone anything and if you want it go out and get it. Get up early every morning, work hard and do the right things in life. Teach your children right from wrong, teach your children not to steal and most importantly teach your children that all men are created equal. You control your destiny. You decide who you are, who you will be and how you will be remembered. Make something happen before it’s too late…..before your flame burns out. Signed, Bleep!