Wednesday morning with some guy claiming to be Rump Roast?!?!

Date: 8/7/2019
Temp: 78 – felt more like 88
Weather: Humid but still, a repreave for Texas in August

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX:  Special Sauce, Sex Panther, Coach K, “Willy Loman” Paper Cut, F150, Ina, Stingray, Sweet Baby, Alright Alright, Ice Box, Sally (that Girl), Dr Suess (War Baby), Draper, Powpow, 
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Caruth Park 

Discaimer: Given

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama
I’m still going with the Coach K “Dynamic Warm-up” from Glenco since we covered aprox 3/4mile during the warm-up portion. I like this @Coach K

– SSH’s x20 IC
– Rump Roast Challenge PAX choice 50burpee’s or run the park .5mi
– IST’s x20 IC
– Mosey to Brin Mawr 
– Cotton Pickers  x10 IC

The Thang:
Mosey Down Brin Mawr far enough out of traffic:
Ascending Curb Crawl (1 Derkin then bearcrawl across the street and 2 then back to 13 = 91 Derkins ttl) 
Mosey to Amherst 
– 20x LBC’s OYO, slow and get your shoulders up
Mosey Snider Plaza by the Shell Station
– 20x Lunges DC OYO – (I 86’s these for time)

Partner up – P1 runs while P2 exercises
B – 50x Burpees
O – 100x Over head claps
M – 150x Merkins
B – 200x Big Boy Sit ups
S 250x Squats

0620 start the mosey back to Caruth, plank or pick up the six (me) until “all-in”

Finished with 3min of Mary – Sally called the box cutter (x8) and Paper Cut went with 10 WWII/Big Boi sit ups OYO to finish us just before we hit 0630

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Rump prayed us out

No tunes today

I had “Q block” yesterday… If that’s a thing? But was a little anxious this morning and got to the park about 25mins early. A few minutes in I see Draper jogging by. He came over and spilled the beans that he’d been falling behing on his “Queen” last week so he was putting in some EC on his own this morning. Then before you know it I see another guy I don’t recognize walkig up to my window. A new guy with a funny acent (I’m SURE he was thinking the same!) I found to be a Willy Loman from Seattle that had come with his parents just to visit Dallas and picked his location based on being able to hit a workout with us. T-claps to Paper cut for traveling with his folks and getting out to visit some fellow brothers in the gloom. 

So, the “Rump Roast Challenge” isn’t so fun when NOONE stays and does burpee’s with you! I think the burpee’s are harder and I may have to find a new way to #accelerate some of you. I think I have an idea or two…

After only doing the SSH’s I heard some grumbling as the PAX ran off about not doing IST’s and tht they’re “supposed” to be second. I like keeping them on their toes! Lol. I’ll also mention that after doing 50 burpees and going almost immedietley into IST’s… At #7 I didn’t believe I was going to make it to 10. I still don’t know how I made it to 20. Then to mosey right after… I’m still trying to catch my breath! 

@Sally gave me a hard time before the work out sarcastically asking if “we’re going to run 4-5mi today?” Then something about doing “400, 500, 600, 700, 05 one thousand Merkins in a row?” I told him about 3miles and i don’t think he believed me… After he said we were just over 3mi. You guys may make ole Rump somewhat of a runner before this is all said and done! I felt like it was a good beatdown this morning and got lots of good feedback after at the 2nd weekly weigh in. 

– Q Source TODAY @ 1800, Chick-Fil-A on Hillcrest
– Q Source Friday @ 1130, Preston Center-ish
– 2nd F this Friday Aug, 09 at 1700 at Inwood Tavern and then 1900 at @Ultra’s back patio, @Powpow confirmed M’s are invited!