Where was everybody?

PAX: Plus One, Chairman Mao
QIC: Alright Alright
Tha Thang: Run 5 miles.
Chairman set his record for the year by finishing in 38 minutes. Plus One ran well too, and looked like a stove pipe afterwards. YHC had a great pace going through 4.82 miles and then Post-Chipotle-Stomach-Disorder set in.

Fun to have the original F3 Dallas gang back together again, and with this attendance it was reminiscent of those early days.

I’m sure some of you had good excuses for not posting today, but it is highly unlikely that ALL of you had a good excuse.

Don’t forget that we only have 3 more Mondays before the marathon relay. If you aren’t going to be able to run 6.5 miles then you better let your teammates know, so they can find someone.