Burleson – 12/10/2020

AO – Burleson
QIC – YHC and Sex Panther
PAX – Big Tex Ant Man sound machine DFib Aaarrrggghhh Rump Roast

SSH x 20
IST x 15
Hillbillies x 10
Side lunge stretch x 5
Veggie pickers x 10
WindMill x 10

Tha Thang
Mosey to Tennis Courts – paint the lines, wall squats, wall merkins
Mosey to baseball field – bear crawl around bases with merkins at each base increasing by 5 (start with 5 at 1st base). Railroad plank around baseline
Mosey to outfield – sprint races with partner x 10ish
Mosey to tennis courts – suicide (long to short – every line). Figure 8 DORA (50 burpees, 100 merkins, 150 LBC’s)

Completed during Tha Thang

Sex Panther prayed us out

YHC was glad to have a Co-Q today after last nights 2nd F event. First time I have been to a bar in a very long time. Before I knew it 11pm had come and I was wayyyy over my bedtime. Great time at the event though – thanks Chairman Mao for setting it up! Oatmeal joined us as the solo #KTT participant for our workout and the ran back to the launch spot for #KTT. Enjoyed the push and motivation this morning from the PAX. sound machine had a #micdrop moment at the end of time but YHC can’t remember exactly what was said – need fellow PAX memory.

1. F3 10yr pushed to October 2021
2. QOTY workouts on M, T, and W next week
3. Look for upcoming announcement for New Year’s Day launch