Coffee Run!

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Bleep, Slushii, Big Tex, Agnes, TikTok, sound machine, Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: YHC forgot but Slussii saved the day!

SSH, Hillbillies, ISTs, Tempo Merkins (X13 each except X10 Tempo Merkins) all in Cadence 
Run short lap and end inside the Tennis Courts

J – Jingle Balls (yes it’s on the Exicon Bleep I didn’t make it up!) X10 In Cadence
A – Agassi’s X2 – Short to Long, Long to Short
V – V-Up Roll Ups X15 OYO
A – Agassi’s X1 Long to Short but run backwards on the return to home

Coffee tends to pass through you, so had to get it out with Mexican Jumping Beans – X15 OYO

Native American Run to the bottom of Caruth Hall outdoor amphitheater.
C – Catalina Wine Mixers X10 in Cadence
U – Up Downs X10 (some mummblechatter here on reliving glory days)
P – Pamela Anderson’s X10 OYO (Burpee with Nippler on the pushup)
O – Outlaws X15 in Cadence
F – Flutter Kicks X15 in Cadence
J – Jump ups (to the top of the amphitheater)
O – Obama’s (to the bottom of the amphitheater – did 16 Merkins as part of it)
E – Everest (back to the top – Lunge up step with a squat every step)

Had to empty the chamber pot with Mountain Man Poopers – X15 in Cadence
Native American Run back to Burleson, but lost a member, so everyone had to pick up the 6. Leave no man behind!

Rosalita’s X15, Box Cutters X15, J-Lo’s X10; Freddie Mercuries X15 and Marge/Homers X15 all in cadence

We welcomed back Cotter (TIKTOK), YHC prayed us out.

YHC stopped by Starbucks on way in served it post beat down. YHC has been getting shade all week from Oatmeal about our slow start last Thursday and wondering if we were just going to mosey to Starbucks today and make it an F2 event – Hence today’s theme. The post beat-down Coffeeteria turned into a 30 minute F2 event with 7 of the PAX not only welcoming Big Tex as an official Westsider #westside but also intently listening to sound machine impart his wisdom to the PAX. Lot’s of fun today and the camaraderie is very strong in this group. Thanks men for the hard effort today!

F2 Event Sunday at 1pm Glencoe Park – wear your gear!; PowPow’s F3 food drive – get Germany AO credit; Potential NYD at midnight Ruck.