The Weatherman – 10/16/20

PAX: Icebox, Stingray, Swiper, Isaiah, AlrightAlright
QIC: PowPow

AO: The Harbor

SSHx15 // ISTx10 // Windmillx10 // Seal Jacksx10

Mosey to handball court – loop around court: side shuffle to the right along sideline, duck walk endline, side shuffle to left along other sideline, duck walk endline. Repeato.

Mosey to handrail – Australian pull-ups (inverted rows) x6 DC

Jacobs ladder on hill between lower parking lot and splash pad: Start with 10 Merkins at the bottom – run up hill – 1 Gorilla Squat – run down hill – 9 Merkins. Etc. Totals: 55 Merkins and Gorilla Squats

Partner up at playground: P1 perform 5 pull-ups and 10 Carolina Dry Docks while P2 does AMRAP of an ab exercise. Then flapjack and repeato until both  partners complete 5 sets of pull-ups & CDDs.  YHC called the ab exercises – Freddie Mercury then Sweat Angels then LBCs

Mosey a 1.2 mile loop from the NW corner of the park north past the stadium to the NW corner of the high school property then east on Lake Highlands Trail, then south on Royal Highlands Dr and west on Church Rd.  Stopping for four Circles of Pain: (1) OH Clapsx15  (2) Squats x15(3) Mtn Climbersx15 and (4) Crab Cakesx15

Finish with a Circle Burp at the Shovel Flag – 3 rounds

YHC asked each PAX to share something they are grateful for. Themes were family, the PAX of F3 Dallas and the nice weather.

Stingray rolled up looking rather sleepy at 5:28am. Mummblechatter included discussions of appropriate attire for the cooler temps, did Isaiah wear pants because PowPow’s preblast said it would be in the 40s? Also, height/long limbs being a disadvantage in F3 workouts. AlrightAlright’s claim that from an economics point of view the marginal cost of voting is greater than the marginal benefit and YHC offering up why voters in the DFW Metroplex have some of the highest “voter power” in the country (there are many very close/competitive Texas state house races in DFW and these races may determine which party controls the Texas legislature).

Thanks for the support today men, I had a blast leading this morning.

—- GO VOTE!!! ——

1. Need a location for the Blood Drive
2. Siesta’s Paella Fiesta on November 7th