F3 Deck – Joker’s Hot

Date – 2/24/2021
Weather – 65° and clear skies

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX –  Willie Loman Lifeboat from Atlanta, The Gambler, Sex Panther, Bleep, Slushii, and Sound Machine
QIC –  Rump Roast
AO – Coffee Park
Disclaimer – Given 
Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
F3 Deck and running
Moseyed to the Southeast corner of the park at Turtle Creek Blvd. and Villanova St. for the first round. 
PAX pics 2 cards. 1st has the exercise. 2nd card is the number of reps. 
Number card = number +10reps
Face card = 25reps
Ace’s = 100rep
Joker’s Hot = Automatic 50x Burpee’s when seen. Regardless of order
We did 1-2 draws at each intersection and then moseyed in between blocks. On the last block south, we started with a Bear Crawl for approx 3/4 a block. Then the last block upon getting back to the park we lunge walked. 
Finished by running back to the soft top with exactly 6mins left for PAX You-Call-It-Mary. 
YHC started it off: 
20x LBC’s DC IC
20x Big Boi’s SC OYO
Lifeboat – 15x Carolina Dry Docks (I didn’t really think this was an ab exercise but, didn’t mention it)
Slushii – 15x J-Lo’s DC (imagine that!)
Sound Machine – 15x Dead Bugs
Bleep – 15x Homer to Marge
The Gambler – 15x Box Top Cutters 
Circle of Trust (CoT):

YHC prayed us out

Life Boat came strolling up from the dark and Slushii and I both thought for a second it was Ultra. AS he got closer we bot could tell it wasn’t but could tell neither of us knew who it was. Bleep complained the whole time how awful Coffee Park so, I decided to go run towards Caruth. At the second intersection, Bleep pulls the Joker, 50 Burpees OYO boys! He cussed me the whole rest of the morning that the “deck was loaded”! Was it tho Bleep? I guess you’ll never really know…

There was enough time for some mumble chatter this morning yet, I felt like we kept it moving and the activity level was high most of the workout. The Gambler was like a wild caged animal running between blocks with a blistering Alright Alright-ish pace. I think it’s noteworthy that Sex Panther was late to the workout and left early due to clearing the mechanism!  

Texas Independence Day 18K – March 6th
Patriot Challenge – LOG YOUR MILES (ends Mar,01)
GrowRuck Alamo – Soon
F3 Golf – My personal favorite!