Fun in the Park – 06/11/20

PAX: Bleep, Life Alert, Slushii, Sex Panther, Draper
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Burleson Park                
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: All present are familiar, but abridged version given

SSH x 15 IC

IST x15 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

Mosey to SE corner of park

x25 Merkins
then to each successive corner of the park and complete

x25 Squats
x25 Peter Parker’s
x25 Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey to tennis courts
One-way suicide (i.e. facing same way entire time) with increasing groiners at each line
Mosey to wall for wall sit x 60 secs

Balls to the wall x5 (originally planned for x10 but much more difficult that YHC anticipated)
Back on the end line for OW suicide w/increasing burpees at each line

Mosey to parking lot for exercises below – bear crawl to next line between exercises
Hip slapper x10
Imperial storm kickers x10DC
Mickey mouse merkins x5
Superman x10DC

Mosey back to soft top for PAX choice Mary until time.

YHC prayed us out.

As is typical for YHC’s workouts (at least in his own mind) the workout was much rougher than it appeared on paper.  Mumble chatter commenced during the corner work but quickly dissipated once on the tennis courts and the groiners commenced.  The suicides slowly morphed into mall-walk suicides as the PAX and YHC hit E on the gas tank.  Balls to the wall proved to be a growth area for PAX.  Any additional reps would have provided some lucky plastic a nice South Pacific vacation!  Burpee suicide proved to be the regular crowd favorite, one that even YHC contemplated an Omaha.  Parking lot work introduced the PAX to a couple of new exercises and YHC sends his thanks to our resident safety patrol, Sex Panther, for suggesting that we not crawl across the entire parking lot given the construction crews coming to work.  Therefore, we went across only one section of the lot.  Some finish up Mary where I think Bleep took a nap with his legs at 12” above the ground.  The soft top is back open again, AlrightAlright has an old, familiar place to plant his Starbucky tailbone once again! 

We were all gassed when we hit time, YHC did his job!

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