Icebox Birthday Beatdown – Take 3


Bleep AlrightAlright Sally Sex Panther Oatmeal F150 Life Alert Slushii Teasip Royal Flush, and Dr. Oz (FNG) joined YHC for his 3rd annual bday beatdown

Sex Panther, Dr. Oz, and YHC thought this was going to be a 3 man weave but per usual the Glencoe Caravan rolled in at 0529 with the rest of the PAX doing their best Rump Roast impression coming in HOT

AlrightAlright immediately asked if we were going to be rolling around the ant hills of Glencoe since he wanted to Chippendale, I replied his backside was safe and proclaimed myself one of 3 PAX who knows how to handle the elements of Glencoe (the most finicky of AO’s…I’ll let y’all guess who the other two are 🤣)

After a quick warm up we completed a burpee mile where we added mine and Slushii’s bday burpees:

1/4 mile, 17 burpees
1/4 mile, 17 burpees
1/4 mile, 17 burpees,
1/4 mile, 17 burpees

That’s a total of 68 for the non math majors out there

Quick mosey to the tennis court for a ring of fire, 30 seconds of an exercise, 36 times, no breaks. Exercises included the following:

Arm circles forward (twice)
Arm circles backward (twice)
One leg burpees
Tony Hawk burpees
Flutter Kicks
Freddy Mercury’s
Penguin Crunch
Box Cutters
Bobby Hurley Squats
T Merkins
Overhead Press
Overhead Claps (twice)
Wide Grip Merkins
Missing a handful but y’all get the point

Had a few minutes left so we did some sprints across the two tennis courts and back

Thanks all for coming out, a lot of fun to have y’all join!