E.A.S.T.E.R. Tuesday 4.14.20

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, AlrightAlright, Draper, F150, Oatmeal, PowPow, Rump Roast, Sex Panther, Shifty McCoy
QIC: Sally

AO: Virtual

Watermelon Picker

Ali Shuffle front and back, 1 min
Ali Shuffle side to side, 1 min
Chop ’em w/ ups & downs, 1 min

16 ski abs

50 reps of each of the following, with 20 4-count high-knees in between each:

lf on a shelf w coupon
Apollo Ohnos w coupon
Step-ups on coupon
T-merkins, chest on coupon
E2ks (no coupon)
Rows (inverted or upright) w coupon

1 round of Dirty McDeuce:
12 squat presses, switching shoulder of coupon each rep
12 SSHs

flutter kicks w coupon
big-boy situps
LBCs w coupon


Lord thank you for this day, thank you for these men. YHC was honored to get to lead the workout again this morning, and was grateful that so many PAX posted. Though YHC was still alone at 5:29, these 9 other men had joined by 2 minutes later. Timing was comedic.

The warm-up included a watermelon-picker tribute to Aaarrrggghhh. PAX heard an audible “yesss” when it was announced.

On the first attempted exercise YHC tried an “exercise song” a la Pepper (Chumbawamba) and/or Icebox (‘I Don’t Get Tired’). Unfortunately, PAX could not hear the music so it was abandoned.

It was darn cold and windy this morning, props to F150, Oatmeal, Pow, Rump, and Shifty for the outdoor exposure. AlrightAlright, Draper, Sex Panther, and YHC were the #GarageCrew.

EASTER routine felt pretty challenging. YHC doesn’t remember coupons nearly ever feeling as heavy as during Elf on a Shelf. T-merkins on the block also left a mark, both mentally and physically. Lots of mumblechatter about it, but YHC believes still 0 curses from Rump Roast. Perhaps Shifty influences Rump to #Advantage.

YHC believes the best mumblechatter joke today was the hiney.

Virtual Qs take some getting used to with the lag time, but as one PAX put it, they also help the Q to be “concise and precise.” Something we all can probably get better at.

Again, thank you to the PAX. Let’s keep up the great attendance. Prayed for guidance to be #ServantLeaders wherever we can be today. Our families, workplaces, neighborhoods, and broader communities all need us and would benefit from our leadership.

1. If you have extra medical supplies or know where to find some, please let Draper or PowPow know.
2. Happy Hour Saturday – only 4 days away!!